Hi everyone

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  1. I'm new to these forums i just registered today, even though I've been reading through these threads for years now.. Ive been smoking the ganja for about 4-5 years now. just stopping by to say hi!:smoke:
  2. Hi frnds,
    I am stephen also new here
    nice to meet you guys here
  3. Hello! How are our newbies:) Where you guys all from?
  4. Sup stoners, anyone here from South Africa?
  5. Hello everyone. I am new in this thread. You gave really very informative knowledge to us.Thanks.
  6. Sup I am not from South Africa. But i think that is freaking sweet that you are! How's life down there?

    Where you from Johnwilliam?
  7. Hi Everyone,
    I am Celina. I t is the best source that can share the knowdlege with others.
  8. South Africa is good man.. especially cape town, the girls there are just jaw dropping. Where are you from?
  9. Welcome man, stay blazed
  10. Welcome bro
  11. Ha ha that is awesome. Jaw dropping women are always a plus. I'm from Utah, in the United States if you didnt know lol. Life is boring here. But we make it bearable.

  12. lol good stuff man. keep blazing:smoke:
  13. For sure man. You too:)

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