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Hi :)everyone:)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mickey.T, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Just :)thaught i'd :)say hi...LOL :)

    Peace And Love <---- LOL !!!
  2. HIGH!!! lol :smoking:
  3. MICKEY T! That post came out of nowhere and was a cheery thing to read. One has to ask... have you got weed by any chance mickey? If so... pass that shit round!
  4. did someone switch pipes or something. =)

    glad to see a smile

  5. spontaneous greetings are always enjoyable!
  6. High..............The sun actually came out today here.....woohoo.....spring soon....can you say Outdoor Grown Nirvana Misty.....I knew that ya


  7. its rainy here :(..... oh well i still got sum bud!!
  8. I had the best smoke of my life last night it was wicked !! I smoked for the full day thx to my friends free gifts :) and I have just got out of bed and I feel smashed LOL ! I had mega munchies last night I eat a FULL 12" London Pizza (plain pizza with chips and garlic sauce on) all to my self...Mmmmmmm....

  9. Darn right! People here are really friendly.
  10. memories.l miss mickey T

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