hi everyone

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mateybollox, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. hi

    can anyone help me?

    ive just finished building my box. its 4ft square by 6ft high i have a 600w hps + 150mm exhaust fan (which sucks air through quite quickly) i have a ebb + flood system for 20 plants. can anyone tell me the temp guide for this and what temp should my water be? as i was told i need a heater in my water tank?


    ive just been let down on 20 clones (bummer) can anybody suggest any good seed sites

  2. So you're trying to fit 20 plants in a 4' sqaure area? (like 1'x4' 2'x2' what? Are they seedlings or clones or what? Are you using tap water? Details bro, details.

    Get some good genetics to start with. Nirvana seeds and reasonably priced and of good qaulitity from what I hear. (I think the site is nirvanaseeds.ca ) Tells us more about your grow......
  3. http://www.seedsdirect.to/

    air temp around the 26 to 28 mark.

    water temp at room temp is fine. to warm and the water cant hold much oxygen. i doubt your'll have a problem keepin the water warm enough with a 600 in a 4x4 box.

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