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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Omicidio, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Well I managed to get my posts to 10 after only afew minutes here, was looking through the seasoned tokers section and made my introduction there. Then to my surprise I noticed this forum, so it only makes sense that I should post here. Anyways onto the intro

    I'm (Edited by *RMJL), live somewhere in the united states. I'm a avid pot smoker (obvious since i'm here but bleh), I can outsmoke everyone I know so figured I needed to find aplace with some hardcore smokers. My normal day starts off with a blunt upon waking, a blunt over breakfast. Then off to work where I take several pinch hits, bong hits on lunch break. After work I head home for a nice blunt on the couch, followed by some mean bong rips out of my 4 footer. Then off to college where I smoke afew pinner joints inbetween classes. Afterwards it becomes somewhat of a blur...

    I prefer a bong over anything. I prefer cheese over cheeze. And I hate dumb people which is ironic really...
  2. Welcome to stoners paradise!
  3. hi, and welcome!.

    I fnid the first one in the morning to be very nasty. It either sets me straight for da morning, or wacks my day. so i don't do it anymore.
  4. After many many wacked days you get over that, its like my coffee. I can't wake up without it ;)
  5. well that must be a lot, bcoz i tried during a long time.. !!!
  6. Maybe i'm just special :p
  7. or a make mine too strong.. lol
  8. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

    I'm Special damnit!!~!
  9. Welcome to the city :D

    Of course you're special ;)

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