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  1. New to this, don't evev now how to start chosing a bong, help anyone?
  2. How much are you looking to spend? I can send you a few suggestions of ones that I want
  3. howdy new york egg :wave:
  4. Those are cool but I can't seem to leave the straight perc bongs. I can never bring myself to buy one that is curved in anyway
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  6. About 100.00 bucks
  7. About 100.00 bucks.
  8. Lol i posted a few links above ^^
  9. Hi, any tips on choosing a decent bong?
  10. Welcome to the City! I would just walk into your local head shop, (don't mention weed or anything related to herb at all) They refer to bongs as "water pipes." Just ask them to point you in the right direction of a good water pipe and explain your budget and they will be more helpful than anyone here could be.
  11. Thanks.
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    check out the CRAZY action off that bottom disc!

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