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    Just thought I would say hi to everyone.:wave::wave:

    I am so glade that I found this site. It is great.:smoke:

    Here are some pics of my first attempt at closet growing.:smoke:

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  2. :eek: WOW!! Awesome pics!!! :hello: Plants look beautiful! Nice job! :cool:

    Will you be starting a grow journal?

    There's a lot of good information in the grow sections of the forum, as well as many knowledgeable, helpful growers. If you need help, don't be shy ;)

    Welcome to the City :wave:
  3. How do I start a journal?? I am new to all of this..:rolleyes: & yes I will be asking a lot of ?'s. Thanks.:p

  4. No problem ;)

    There's a section toward the bottom of the forum called 'Grow Journals', select the appropriate journal section/sub-forum (Indoor, Outdoor, Organic, or Hydro), At the top of each section there's an explanation of 'what' grows belong in there ;) You'll see the new thread button at the top of the forum as well - it'll be just like starting the intro thread :D

    Good luck!
  5. Welcome to the City, looks like you are off to a great grow already! :D :wave:

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