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hi every one

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jetssons01, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. hi every one im new to this forum but i use to browse thru a lot for a few years.some background on me im 18 grew up in las vegas but i was born in california.i smoked weed sense i was 12-18years old but 5 month ago i stopped using for a lot of reasons and im clean.i signed up because i dont have much to do these days and just want to browse the forum and maybe help out any one who needs advice or any thing because i think im pretty experienced and can help out

  2. Haha the last place you want to be if you can't smoke weed is
  3. Hang on I don't have any affiliation to soccer but I'm gonna go sign up for soccer.
  4. its not that i cant smoke but i decided to stop 
  5. if you played soccer almost every day for 6 years you wouldnt give advice to new players?
  6. ^ why did we have to go pull a extremely random metaphor out of thin air? Lol
  7. I'm way too fucking high right now sorry.
  8. Welcome! Why did you decide to stop smoking?
  9. i used to smoke almost every day my day would start off i wake up and then get high right away and a few hours later smoke more and so on.that was pretty much my life and i just got tired of it i woke up one day and went to get high and decided not to and i smashed my pipe and that was the first day i quit.i didnt think i would last long because ive tried to quit before but it doesnt last longer than a week so to go almost 6 months makes me proud of myself.another reason is i used to skip school all the time to get high and now i was supposed to graduate in june but i didnt because im a few credits short so im back to school now and hopefully i can finish by january.i plan to go to a trade school when i graduate and i want to get a career started and a the one im aiming for does hair drug tests.another reason is pretty much all of my family turned their back on me when they found out i smoked weed.and i would spend $10-20 a day on weed and i would rather save that up and buy my self nice clothes or some thing
  10. welcome to the city :wave:  :gc_rocks: enjoy your stay
  11. ,..yeah you must be quite the experienced smoker for 18..thats like, a lifetime of experience gained right there.
    welcome to the rice fields.

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