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  1. Hey wasup ppl, my name is ray, im 18 and I just recently moved to miami. I had lived here before and still have quite a few friends. My problem is that none of my friends here smoke, I am a daily smoker (at least I was). Im looking to make some weed smoking friends in the miami downtown/gables/sunset/dadeland area just to hang out smoke some weed. Everyone I ask either doesnt smoke or they give me the number to a dealer an hour or more away from me.

    If anybody interested pm me or w/e. Bu bye.
  2. Just hit up the local spots where kids your age would hang out and ask people, you're bound to find somebody. Just be like "hey wanna smoke a joint?". Look for kids that are smoking cigarettes especially.
  3. SELL ME WEED PLEASE>>>>>> or summin like that welcome to the stiy bro
  4. I have bro trust me, Im tired of asking, I go to miami dade college (not telling which one yet lol) and I ask around classmates n stuff and either they dont smoke or they give me a number of a dealer way too far away. Im hoping some1 in the downtown/gables/biscayne/calle 8/ are can hook me up im near downtown. PLEASE SUM1 I havnt smoked a j in more than a month! I have been a daily smoke for about a year and this sudden forced quit has been rough!
  5. I would cut back on the direct emphasis on where you're trying to contact someone. It's making it sound like you're asking someone on here to hook you up... which is against the rules. WOULDN'T WANT TO BREAK THE RULES, WOULD YAH'? HUH?... Haha, just fuckin' with you man.

    Go out and buy one of those silk shirts with the MJ leaves all over it, strap that bad boy on and walk around Campus.

    I live on a College Campus, wore mine one day, and got 8, yes, EIGHT, offers... and one dude wanted to sell me some nose candy as well. Haha, ^ That's a good plan.
  6. I am in miami too
    get at me

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