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Discussion in 'General' started by veer, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. hello, im a newcomer, veer from baltics :wave:!
    i decided to register since i need urgent advice/help and i know no other place where i could ask, so forgive me my n00bness if ive posted in the wrong forum section or whatever :)
    i intend to order bong during this day [hopefully youre not all stoned to death so there will be someone posting here during sunday] from grass city and id like to know which one would be better for me? ive made some sort of selection from which to choose from, will post links at the end of this post ;)

    about me:
    im a non smoker, dont smoke regular ciggies either, so my throat is quite sensitive to smoke, read below ;)
    i intend to smoke salvia.
    ive tried smoking it from plastic bottle for couple of times, no special bongs or whatnot and no water cooling either, so it was really harsh and i couldnt hold any smoke inside my lungs for more than fracture of a second :D it was too harsh and hot as well since im not a smoker at all, it was too strong for my throat and lungs :(
    [ive smoked hookah not so long ago, it wasnt weed nor salvia, just usual tobacco they put into those things, but i enjoyed it quite alot and it wasnt harsh to my throat either!]

    so the thing is, guys, help me to choose best bong for me, the one that will cool smoke down as good as possible so i can smoke it "easy" and with less cough and irritation to my throat. i have no idea whether there is a difference between 20cm and 50cm bongs and their shapes when it comes to cooling down and making smoke more delicious :D

    so here are some links ive gathered from grass city shop, i wont post all of my findings, just the ones that are sort of representing their own height, shape and whatnot :)

    this one atleast visually seems quite attractive to me, some sort of hybrid of alladins lamp and oldschool petrol lamp and whats more important - its big :D:

    seems nice and simple, perhaps hard to clean:

    something looking like its from some crazy doctors laboratory :D:

    simple design, perhaps bit pricey for such tho:

    oh and what do you say about this one, i was thinking whether this one could be good enough for taking it around with you outdoors and stuff, some sort of mobile bong additionally to "home bong":
    isnt it going to burn my throat due to its small size+sucking from such small hole wouldnt make it less enjoyable and more tedious to get that big hit done smoothly?

    some leftovers from my selection, not sure if they are any good or not, but these too might be an option in case all above mentioned are worse:
    [dont like those leafs, oh well...]

    [quite small, isnt it?]

    [isnt bit small too, considering its shape?]

    any other candidates? i want it to be transparent and no more than £20 worth ;)
  2. about 2 years ago I bought the deluxe glass bong in the wooden case. I loved it! The case alone is so unique that everyone was forced to comment on the awesomeness of it. then the god damn police took it away. Even they said it was cool though!

    Welcome to the city btw!
  3. I have one similar to \t\t \t\t\tthis one http://shop.grasscity.com/shop/grasscity/molpb003.html (crazy doctor one) and it hits pretty nice. Mine is a little different as it looks like it might have a longer neck and ice holder but this one is pyrex anyways so you can put ice in it no matter what. This is gonna help a lot , especially with salvia which has to have a high burn temp. to get all the active constitutes out of it. Anything pyrex with the ability to hold ice is gonna be your best bet. I've popped two peoples 'bong cherries' with Mojo (my pyrex bong kinda like the one in the link) and both people were able to take some pretty massive rips and still be ok... until it all started to kick in :rolleyes:. Either way, you don't take monster rips with salvia so even a nice bubbler (I noticed you wanted something portable too) would be ok as far as some smoke filtration (you just lack the ice).
  4. The one the guy suggested with the ice catcher sounds like a good choice for you. But if your having problems taking big hits you migh not wanna start off with a bong, I'd suggest you invest in a nice bubbler too, it's pretty portable and you can take smaller hits.
  5. hey, thanks folks for you input, ill wait another day or two before ordering, gotta see what you all tokers have to say and recommend :)! dont want to rush such purchase.
    oh and as i see none of my picks is gonna be good enough im afraid :)?

    btw, the ones with ice as i understand have both water+ice in them, right?

    crazy doctor you say, hmm, interesting, i might manage to put some in there somehow :)
    man i think im gonna end up spending bit more than i expected, oh well, but keep in mind guys, 20 pounds should be the border line :p
  6. Yes, both Water and ice.

    I suggest not getting an acrylic, and pushing out a little more cash and get a nice glass bong w/ ice catcher and precooler/ashcatcher.

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