Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by budburner, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. Wow! This site looks great!

    Lots of things have been happening in my life recently. Not the least of which is a matter which has rendered my without my trusty computer.

    I am at a friend's house using their computer now.

    I'm going to browse around for a while. Lookin' great!

    I am trying to get another computer and getting back on-line.

    I about shit when the page came up unavailable. But of course I typed in coffeeshop-amsterdam.com.

    I'll stop by every now and again to see how things are going. When I get my computer I'll be back.

    (Fair warning!)

    Peace, all!
  2. Hi bro!!!

    I thought we lost you! Man it's good to hear from you. FYI Budburner has been one of the first die hard members that helped me with builidng this community. He is a grasscity citizen of honor :)


  3. High Budburner

    Hell I thought you fell off the edge of the world..I hope you get a puter on line an rejoin us..We missed you bro!!
    You stay cool ..:D:D:D
  4. there you are! i had dinner ready for months and you finally come back! and whats that? i smell booze on your breath! i want a divorce!
    welcome back dude.
  5. Aero! It's mouth-wash.... HONEST!


    ME? Confrontational? lol

    I am borrowing a laptop. Purdy neat! I might just get me one of these.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Now for some surfing!

    What's this file attaching stuff? I have a lot to learn!

    Peace all!
  6. Dang Bud, thought you had abandened us...Glad to see you did'nt! :D :D :D WELCOME BACK!!!
  7. the file attachment allows you to upload picts from your desktop. so you dont have to find a host for your picts. grasscity rocks.

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