Hi all pls help first posta noooob

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jaytrix, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hi all newbie alert

    Waiting to move so that i can erect a false wall in my hooooooooj bathroom for the ladies to grow in :hello:

    Have so far collected
    8 pot Atami wilma sys to be running drippers into clayball medium
    Bluelab nutes monitor
    Eijkelkamp ph tester
    1 x 4" inlet Ruck
    1 x 8" systemair exhaust
    Carbon filter
    2ft silencer (thing is like a truck stack)
    600w hps
    yo-yo supports
    temp and humid monitor
    renair 3000 and 2ft air-stone

    hoping for a little advice on what to grow
    and a few tips
    what is the perfect tds water solution
    do i use filtered water
    how far to have the light from the cuttings
    will a 600w hp burn my fledglings shall i get a smaller light for veg
    what do i grow sativa or indica
    what is the optimum ph bracket
    what is the least smelly most potent breed of lady
    also the first period lighting sequence 12x12 14x10 i hear that more to less will give me more females ??
    will adding a uv bulb to burn prior to the hps coming on force more trichomes ??


  2. I am not familiar with the clay ball medium. Here are the correct PH's you want to shoot for: Hydro- 5.5-6.1 Soil- 6.3-6.8
    Not sure about tds
    Filtered water is great
    If the cutting are seedlings keep them a good 18-24 inches away for a week or so.
    600 watt HPS will veg plants very nicely
    Indica sativa is your choice. Depends on how you like the high
    For least smelly stay away from anything with skunk in the name. Northern Lights is a great strain with very little smell.
    For veg the lights should be on either 24/7 or 18/6. With that powerful; HPS I would use 18/6. For flower stick with 12/12. No exceptions. You can't really give yourself more females.
    A UV bulb is no good. Don't use it to grow.
    Oh, and welcome to GC.

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