Hi all, Im new

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kryssy, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Im TheeChronics gf...he sent me here, so here i be ;)
  2. Welcome to the city!!!! I've heard good things about you :D
  3. woah, that was fast......hehe
    and thank you...heard good things also ;)
  4. welcome to the city......best place to be stoned.....Peace out......Sid
  5. hey baby ;)
    i know you're gonna love it here :D
    even though i'm on the phone with you right now...
  6. We have a great community here. :)

  7. here you be Kryssy!
    aw you guys are so cute!!
    I never said welcome to you either, theechron, so welcome to both you guys!

  8. Thanks, we try ;)
    And thanks for the warm welcome....seems like a fun place to be hehe
  9. Welcome to the green city. Kick off your shoes and join us for a toke!!!
  10. Heya Kryssy..and TheeChronic :p

    btw, I r n00b here too. Just saying Hi...so...umm...HI! :D
  11. Welcome to the City...all of you! Have fun!!!
  12. hey what up? welcome to the stoner city..... BEST FUCKING INTERNET SITE AROUND! the more stoners, the better.... sex, music, weed, and shit is all we's talk bout... nothing else in life matters anyways! i will load a bowl for your arrival.....:)

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