Hi All Im New Here And To Growing

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  1. Hi,

    My names bozie I'm from the uk
    I once grew a random seed I found in some smoke I got, I grew it in my bedroom window in a small pot with babybio. Thinking nothing would happen I ended up with a very lanky looking 4ft plant with 2 cola and possibly 10-12 leaves and a 1/4 ounce harvest. You can imagine my suprise that 1 it worked and 2 I got a really nice mellow high. Now, this was over 2 years ago now and just before xmas past I moved into my new home that has a number of "hiding places" so when my xmas bud gave me a nice treat of 1 seed you can imagine what my thoughts were.

    From halfway through jan til early march I did some reseach on indoor growing with cfls and babybio (having used babybio once with great results for saying I'm using what I know). I have made a hud out of some really shiney ally I'm using a 85w cfl (think I need another one).

    I have a few options as I do have 7-8ft height but I'm woundering if I should scrog it or free grow with 1 fim

    What do people think

    I'll be uploading a photo as soon as I can as I'm woundering about the length of each stage of growth as well.

    I'll try and make this into a **my first grow diary** thing if people would like that and admin are ok with that

    Kind regards people

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  2. As promised I've uploaded my pics these were taken on 27-05-2013

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  3. Move over to indoor grow with better write up and titled "my first grow diary"

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