Hi all. Aussie stoner here.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 420cowboy, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hi. Just your average person who like to relax and have a smoke, pizza, and maybe a beer. Joined today as I "may" have found some seeds and if so I will be popping those babies into some soil and watchin'em grow.
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  2. Welcome to the site bro! Good to see other Aussies on here having a crack, check out the pinned threads in the first time growers forums mate and if you have any questions just ask. Good luck!

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  3. Hi and welcome !
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  4. Thanks for the welcome, OffChops69.
    I have posted some pics in the forum so fingers crossed someone can tell me if they are any good, or even if they are seeds.
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  5. Welcome bud. Alot of grow knowledge in this forum.
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  6. welcome to the City mate ,,,theres a few Aussies here on the site ,,,,mac,
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  7. Welcome to the forum! unnamed.png
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  8. Welcome home mate

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    @Dry Sift Box and The Clamshell
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