hi all are this look ok for 2 weeks?

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  1. 14 days old my first time how are they doing?:confused:

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  2. HIGH All, looks ok....how about telling us about your grow...soil, lights, ferts and the such?
  3. Not bad for 14 days,but like said tell us about your setup and what not:)
  4. the set up.... its normal soil ph 2,5 4,5 no nuts just d-still water every 2-3 days every time soil is dry, hps lamp 400w and its about 50-60 cm from plant and just the other day i add some tommato foot{master}looks its a set off leaves every 2 days .the set up its up the loft fresh air fun temp is about 25-30degrees

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  5. sounds good but im not sure she(hopefully) needs that much perlite. the leaves do seem to be cupping a bit, although this may be a PH problem. looking good otherwise!! keep it green.
  6. the perlite is only on top like that and about the soil cant find a better one here
  7. one set of leaves every 2 days
  8. So, what does it MEAN when leaves are cupping?

    I have that on half mine... I know my PH is HIGH- like, over 7,8. but alkaline is better than the other way, and perfect is perfect, i know.

    cant i overcome the alkilinity with water/nutrient uptake calculations?

  9. dont unterstand you verry well sorry m8 come again.and i say at my last post im new to this he he
  10. that ph is definatley too high. im not too good on ph as i buy neutralised soils and a tiny amount of epsom salts and my plants love it. i dont know the actualy ph cos as far as im concerned, if my plants like it then thats all i need to know. because of thsi, im unsure how to lower that ph. try pm'ing unoit as he grows with hyrdo so he should be familiar with the ph aspect.(sorry if this sounds lil wierd, im a lil balzed :smoking: ) LOL.
  11. IIRC and i'm not sure on dosage but i believe a small amount of dolemite lime in your soil mix will help. i know i'll be trying it next time because my PH is pushing 7.5.
  12. and what exactly, are the penalites and symptoms of high ph?

    stunted growth/slow growth?


    genetic problems?


  13. my ph is low dont no has to be 6.0 to 7.0 i have 2.5 4.5 verry low perlite i use that mach not to let the soil try on top this why is nice and moist
  14. When pH is too high or low there could be tons of symptons. Too high or low of a pH can cause nutrient lockout which can lead to many different problems such as stunted/slow groth, discoloration, etc.

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