HHmmmm a new look at lung cancer.

Discussion in 'General' started by ResinBall, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. I was thinking today. People having been smoking tobacco for thousands and thousands of years. And in the last 20 years lung cancer has been on the rise. And it seems the more people talk and preach about cancer the more cases and deaths there are. So maybe lung cancer isn't going up because there are more smokers but because everyone has become more aware of its existance. Science knows that sugar pills have been known to cure sicknesses in people if they think it is the cure. so maybe in contrast everyone is getting cancer because they think they will get it.
  2. Just a point,
    Thousands of years ago people didn't know what lung cancer was...
  3. thousands of years ago people didnt know what lungs were either...


    i just think the world is going into the crapper. either every death is MUCH more publiced since the new millenium, or everyone is just god damn dieing!!!!

    stop dieing!!

  4. if the cnacer doesnt over come us and they stop dying we will all die anyway from over population and world hundger
  5. I sure do love pick-me-up threads like this one lol :D

    That is a good point though, we should start a campagin

    "Cancer isn't real! It's all in your head buddy"
    lol I can see it now
  6. Cancers bad M'kay
  7. actually people knew about lungs since the Roman Empire.

    But anyhow, they still didnt know wtf cancer was and they had low life expectncy anyway.

  8. They also didn't have cars,buses,aeroplanes,nuclear power plants,chemical factories,oil tankers,Chernobyl,Las Vegas, hydro-electric power stations,whaling ships,the bloody caucasians,Area 51,strip mining or even playstations.LOL

  9. lame attempt buddy

  10. How do you come to that conclusion???
    Europeans (such as myself) brought progress and pollution to all the countries of the globe.White Europeans colonised two continents and totally took over,I'm not in the least bit bothered about history usually but without western influence do you realy think that India,Australia and America would be half as polluted as they are now ???
    Not a political statement just an opinion of what our fore fathers as Europeans contributed to the world.
    I'm still proud to be British, even if the weather is shit.

    Gonna do a bit of polluting of my own. lol

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  11. fuck Europeans. .all they did is claim victory over some land that was already populated.. some discovery.. im white but im fucking sick of white people, their whole attitude "were superior" "we must convert the heathens (non Christians)" eff that..

    but yeah, back on topic. I understand what your saying about fear. If people fear they will get something, they usually will the power of the mind is amazing.

  12. i like that
  14. Cancer isn't just from smoking. Our environment is polluted way past what it was 20 years ago and this is the one of the worst cancer causes. It even causes cancer in people that don't smoke! Smoking is very canereous but its not the only reason cancer is on the rise.
  15. i could see the radiation in tobacco doing some bad damage if your a big tobacco chronic.

  16. I thought the Jet engine was developed by the Germans during WW2..

    HAha... A whole 64th of me can be pissed at all you European bastards who took my ancestor's land! :D

  17. http://www.cwn.org.uk/heritage/people/whittle/

    I think you'll find he was English.
  18. I read an article in a National Geographic about placebos (sugar pills), and the blind tests they did with them only had people cure headaches and digestive pains or aches and stuff like that. Headaches for example, are caused by swelling of the blood vessels near the brain and in ur head, but when someone feels cured by a placebo, the cause of the pain is still there, but the person doesnt feel it because his own will power causes him to shut off his nerves in that area just like a pain killer. But the actual cause of the pain is still there. So its not like if you could cure from cancer just by pure willpower, because although maybe you will get less symptoms of fatigue and stuff, the bad cells will still be there.
    Also in the past, the life expectancy levels were a lot lower, and noone could diagnose cancer because they didnt even know what it was, so I think that most of the time when someone would die of cancer, they would just suppose that it was a general death of old age.
    My dad smoked cigarettes and cigars for only like 8 or 9 years, and stopped when I was born, and in the past 5 years, he's gone through 1 lung cancer and 1 brain tumor, but now he's been diagnosed again and has a lung and a liver tumor. And basically what he does is just ride through the chimos, kinda like a high :)

    Heh, first post, hi everyone :wave:
  19. WAIT.. who said the world is more poluted that 20 years ago?... did ya know..

    we are actually less puluted than 30 -40 years ago ???!?!? this fact is impressive... but if you think abou it.... nmo lead in gas and stuff like that happened...

    BUT.. also.. we are like 1000000000000000000000000x (times) more polluted than 100-150 years ago..... so yeah.. we are REAlly poluted....

    I say we all move to mars and start over... who is with me?!?! Weed will be legal in mars!

  20. damn, didn't know that. I guess I assumed that since the germans built the first jet plane, they also made the first jet engine, thanks for the link, I always enjoy learning new stuff....you european bastard!! .....sorry just the 64th of me acting up again. :D

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