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  1. would it hurt my plant in veg stage if a mess up the amount of light it gets? say i had it on for 24/7 then switched to 12/12 and then back to 24/7. because i have four plants in a phototron and only one is in the veg stage.
  2. and the others are in flowering?.....or what stage?.........why don't you just remove them and put them under a MH or HPS..........?.........Peace out..........Sid
  3. the other three are about 1 month old and three weeks old. i would take them out and put them under other lights except i dont have room and my mom wont let me have them anywhere else except in my closet.
  4. how big is this plant at one month that is flowering?
    and yes i would think it would be very stressful on your plants to switch your lights to that schedule. aaand whats the dimensions of your phototron? (hada friend who had a large one once, it sucked, even with a small sodium bulb also rigged with it) and 4 plants seems like too many.

    sid do you know what a phototron is?, lol just kidding.

    peace :D
  5. lol....higha i have no idea what a phototron is, is it something that only Americans have that i haven't seen one!!..lol........i thought it was maybe one of those kinda box's that you buy for growing weed in...........Peace out.........Sid
  6. i was just teasin, they are expensive and a huge waste of money...
    kinda reimins you of a fish aquarium,tall and skinny (bout4 foot tall athe most and you could wrap your arms around it,) im sure you can buy them bigger, but whats the point?...the one we saw was large, had 4 flouros running from top to bottom in the corners and a milar type reflective surface inbetween. they are costly and sorry to say basically useless. even in a large on your lucky to get a skinny 2 to 3 foot plant, not a good yield (AT ALL) even with added low watt sodium light that usually does not come with them. they are enclosed also and heat was a problem.

    if your going to grow with flouros, its much more productive to not use a phototron.
    *edit you could build your own better for a small fraction of the price of a phototron....they can run from 100.bucks to im sure 4 or 5 hundred
    the piece of crap we gave away, i mean saw was 200$
  7. first off i got mine for 50 bucks so cost was no problem. also, mine has three u bend flouros in there. second, heat isnt a factor cuz i have the small panel out with a fan blowing in there almost all the time and the two plants that are a month old are about three inches tall.
  8. HIGH All, not a good idea....as HIGHa said it would stress your plants and who needs stress.

  9. you got a really good deal. 3 flouros ina box for 50 bucks.

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