Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. I just saw the funniest thing it made me so happy, but how do I make a link?

    (I figured it out if you hadn't noticed ;) )
  2. Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands. lol
  3. yeah i love that thing! i've watched it for like 30 minutes straight...when stoned or otherwise, it's good fun,..theres a sequel to it somewhere but i dont have the link, someone post it if they know it.
  4. I told you that was going to ring in your head all day and maybe all week!
  5. Peanutbutter Jelly Peanutbutter Jelly!
  6. Where you at
    Where you at
    where you at
    where you at
    there you go
    there you go
    there you go
    there you go
    peanut butter jelly
    peanutbuttter jelly
    peanutbutter jelly with a baseball bat
    peanutbutter jelly with a baseball bat
    now freestyle
  7. That's what I kept trying to figure out.

    What the hell does peanutbutter jelly with a baseball bat mean?

  8. That's a damn good question.
  9. obviously, there is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a baseball bat somewhere in this wide infinite universe of ours.
  10. haha

    go banana go!
  11. aw, I love that banana. how cute is he!
  12. I always have him in the corner of my screen when i'm reading posts.
  13. what a good idea! lmao [​IMG]
  14. Yeah, but he dissapears when you click to scroll down or anything.
  15. crop the windows to accomidate both, you know what I mean?
  16. DUh, that's a good idea you just made my day ;)

    peanutbutter jellytime *lol*
  17. LOL! wooooooohoo! :) anytime
  18. lol! love those horses :)
  19. valerian root stinks like ass..but works good at making you tired and or relaxed.

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