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  1. alright here is my story... im 18 years young i have a closet that isnt very big but big enough to grow weed in... but i have no idea on ventiliation or anything... i need help quick cause i want to plant the seed within days... get ahold of me either on AIM=xclusive1015 or through here... thank you!
  2. My advise would be to read a few grow guides before you ask questions .lt makes you look a lot smarter than asking questions that have been asked a million times before.
  3. sorry but i guess what i was askin for was someone to go through it step by step with me, thanks
  4. ok i have everything ready to go except there isnt any ventilation going in and out of the closet... what should i do to get the fresh air in...?
  5. okay, seems youve got an idea of whats going on since youre back asking about a possible ventilation issue. youre definetely on the right track and seem to be serious about growing successfully.

    if you would, a quick rundown of what youre working with... lights, pot sizes, amount of plants, closet specs etc...okay ill try to answer your ventilation question as easy as possible. i guess first and foremost, if you live with your parents, its going to be a bitch trying to control the noise, light and smell. if youre on your on, then all of those above things become things you want to work on, but you can manage, because youre on you own.

    if youre growing out of a closet, opening the door and putting a fan in can help you circulate air, but that air needs to be recycled. opening the closet can bring in fresh air, but the air in the room still needs to be cycled. in this case, you may want to go with either fans and a blower. ive seen a lot of people use a setup where they cut a hole in the bottom of the door, attaching a fan, set the blower inside the closet to vent out hot and stale air creating negative pressure to handle vent issues.

    i jus put the fans in the closet and open the door. simple enough for me, i dont live with the parents :)
  6. aight well i got a regular 2 gallon pot... a heat lamp... i know isnt the best but i dont have much money to work with.. just a lil 3x4 ft closet and one plant... and yes i do live with my rents but i have a nice size room with a lock on it in the basement.. please help and thank you tons
  7. Heat lamps will nt grow u bud. get some fluresent lights if ur on a tight budget. but if u want to save money on electricity get a hps
  8. well, he said he didnt have much, but i would atleast aim to get a 70 watt hps if possible atleast to flower with. compact floros, i jus discovered, well for myself, work exceptionally well for vegn. i wouldnt know how they do for flowering though. you can get a 3 pack of 26 watters for like 12bucks. not a bad price for their lumen output. i would upgrade your pot to atleast a 3 gallon. 2 26 watters could do you wonders at 40 days of vegn.
  9. dude.....youre not supposed to plant the seeds.....youre supposed to smoke em......believe me.......it'll get u high.......
  10. what u mean smoke the seeds? ive never heard of that
  11. he's fuckin with ya :D
  12. just waana commend dred for his help, and condem usless mods always saying 'read'... whats the point in the site if every just says read stuff... dont ask us.

    just my 2p worth.



  13. i'll 2nd that.

    it does take some knowalge to know what to search for in the 1st place.
  14. Useless mods?................ where's your COMPLETE GROW GUIDE for the newbies? And what's so offensive about telling somebody to read something that you worked really hard on writting for the newbies.

    Come on. I think the mods do a good job around here. We've all been edited or have had post deleted, but there here to make sure the site's running smoothly. I have no problem with them telling newbies to read grow guides.

  15. When most all the questions people ask have ALREADY been answered on this forum, or in a grow guide why should people have to tell them exactly what to do. After all, when they ask a question like this guy did, there is SO MUCH shit that would needed to be posted. And I garuntee you it all will not fit in one post.

    Thats from this thread - http://forum.grasscity.com/newreply.php?s=&action=newreply&postid=377919

    I think that is a good attitude towards people asking questions. If they seem they have read up, help em. If they are brand new, send em in the right direction with some grow guides. Then when they come back, and have a more specific question, it's all gravy. When such generic questions are answered somewhere else why on earth should these "useless" mods HAVE to answer them with anything but a link to a grow guide? It would be a waste of time to do that, time that could be spent answering more specific questions.

    PLUS if the mods posted step by step grow guide on this website everytime a person needed it... The person WOULD STILL HAVE TO READ IT. why not just save some time and send em to something already typed up?
  16. threads like this make me laff.

    the way i see it is people have made the effort to find a forum to ask a question that they want an answer to so either give them an answer or keep your gob shut. thats what forums are for afterall. no one likes to be made to feel or look stupid even if they are. its not the same person asking the same question over and over again. its someone who has took some time and effort to atleast get this far and has an interest in the same things we do. we all have to start somewhere and manners cost nothing. by all means point out the fact that people have took the time to right grow guides but just answer the question while your at it. if its to much hassle then just click on the back button and read another post thats more to your liking.

    *edit: oh yeah and its just a guess but i recon that most of the people asking there 1st question are probably stoned off there face. i can imagine they do have troubble reading and wrighting. i know i do most of the time*
  17. HIGH All, mmmmm wonder if your talking about me telling people to read read and then read some more instead of typing an answer. If someone is serious about growing don't you at least think they'd know which way to plant a seed. So I send them to places to read so they can learn a little more about what they want to grow and how. The links I post are useless eh !!!!!! mmmmm

    I'm disappointed to see people saying we are useless (Mods) and people 2nd it....thanks for making my day All. I will still tell someone to read if I see that they need to.
  18. no the links are good.
    telling people to read read and read some more is good advice.
    taking the piss out of people for asking a question is bad.

    i didnt have any one person in mind when i posted either post, i was thinking of all the times iv read a thread and felt sorry for the person asking the question.

    and how do you plant a seed? the first few i planted never came up becuse i planted to deep. the next lot i killed somehow, till dont know what i done rong but i think it was either over watering or the 100w incandeant bulb i was using. i thought i was doing someting rong cus the leaves kept going all spikey, i didnt know, i didnt ave a clue you had to put them into flower either, i just thought they grew with buds.

    the point is i did find someone to answer my stupid questions and i learned the basics, since then ive asked so many stupid questions iv lost count and im still asking them. but i have done a lot of grows over more years than i care to count and if i was treated like a idiot for using a incandesant and not pointed the right way i doubt i would ever have tryed again. some of the replys iv seen on here are just plain rude, ok i understand where its comming from and they dont mean to be rude but the person asking the question dont.

    we all have to start somewhere, if you think your to good a grower to answer the simple questions then leave it to the newbies that asked that same question last week. let them get involved with helping people.

    one of the best people iv seen on here for answering questions is earth girl, she doesnt judge, just gets stuck in and gives a answer in a way thats easy to understand. others use lingo that only people that ave been growing would understand. fim, scrog etc. others just seem to want to show off there new and limited knowlage.

    now i have read a lot of your replys unoit and i think you give good answers, allways seem poilte and that earns respect in my book. i second'd that comment becuse there is a lot of questions that dont get answerd becuse of the tendancy to say "i answerd this last week, aint answering it again" or stupid petty squabbleing like this.

    the way i see it a mods job is to keep the forum running smouth and hassle free, to delete spam, porn and personal attacks aganist other users. not to tell people what to do. if they want to answer questions then great, if not them they dont have to but its not there job to belittle people even if they didnt mean to.

    i like the people on here, thats why i come here and im doing my journal on here rather than overgrow were i am also a member. but i do see a lot of people come here, ask a question, get a smart arse answer and dont bother comming back. thats a loss for this site. if they dont go to another site and just go it alone or give up then thats a loss for the world of growing.
  19. HIGH All, yes we All have to start somewhere and that's why I tell them to read....the more you read the more your apt to understand the answers. Yes I agree people shouldn't jump down someone's throat for asking a question that's been asked a week before and the week before that. When I started a thread call Why do people ask the sillest questions, I want to know how and why they ask....type in marijuana in google.com and see what comes up.

    So if imo someone that really wants to grow will read All they can and of coarse ask questions when they don't understand what they read. Do you know how many PMs we get from people asking questions and then gone never to be seen again....these are people who sign up and ask one question and they get the answers to what they asked. Now I don't know if they found what they were looking for and are growing a great crop. Now it would be nice to see these people come back and say thanks.

    Now your going to say they got flamed for asking a stupid question and that's why they left, I can't say why they leave.

    I too am a member at OG and every other marijuana forum out there and I mean everyone and if you find one that I'm not a member at please tell me where so I can join. You see I hit everywhere and read what and how others grow and yes I learn something new everyday.

    I love the City because the members that cut the grass here are the best there is.

  20. shit loads? i know i keep getting pm's from ppl that havent even posted about the daftest things. i try and answer them as best i can.

    i know people dont come back for many reasons, they might of found a site they like better or even just not bookmarked this site and never found ther way back. who knows!?

    it would be nice to get a thank you now and then, costs nothing to be polite, i do think that people on the net come in 2 types tho, those that see it as a communaty and realise there is a person typing these answers and others that see it as something to be used as and when. thats just people for you tho, cant tar the good with the bad.

    personaly i have picked up a coupple of tips and tricks from what you have posted and for that i publicly thank you.

    thanx mate.

    let me have a list of the forums your a member of and if i spot any missing from my list i'll send you a link.

    btw, what does o.f.f.f. mean, or is that a stupid question?

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