Hhahahah Oh Man i was a punk in the day...

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  1. Just found a rap song way deep in the folders of my computer that i wrote when i was oh, must been 15... hahaha i wonder why it was so hidden?? cant remember now, anyways, its kinda funny, shitty, but anyways, thought id post it :D

    some days when i wake/and im feelin sick
    i dont wanna get up/i just wanna sit
    there waiting/for god to come and take me
    away from this shit/that im facing daily
    now when your looking/over here at me
    wondering why/i am always
    bitching/complaing when i got the life
    of a boy/growing in a town thats always white
    everybody here is fucking rich
    not me boy/i grew up in a fuckin ditch
    in the gutter/now its time to open the shutters
    and let you all know/how im not like the others
    brought into the world/with a family
    a bro and mom/and a daddy
    but he left us/and you know i dont really care
    cuz nothing in this world/is really fair
    as i sit here/trying to get all this shit out
    thinking bout it all/trying not to shout
    but you know now/its hard to keep it in
    when your a punk little kid/hanging with your friends
    and they all spending cash like it groes on trees
    while the only shit i got/i got for free
    now they all go and spend a grand in a day
    while for me to get a shirt i gotta work and save
    or maybe/i can borrow from a bud
    wear his hat for a week/but ive had enough
    of this shit now/i just want to get out
    away from it all/away from this town
    where everyone/seems to be so glad
    while i sit at home/and hang up on dad
    cuz he said that/wait he promised me
    that hed send my mom/allomony
    but you know that/hes just a bum like me
    doesnt have the cash/to give to my family
    well fuck that/cuz its not my job to work
    im a little punk kid/but im still not hurt
    but this shit/i just let it all pass me by
    call up a friend/and we just get high
    cuz when we smokin/everything seems ok
    all the shit going on just goes away
    and I can finally/be at peace
    in my house eatin food/with my family
    when the bills come/my mom always starts to bitch
    but i dont really care/wish she would call it quits
    trying to turn over all her problems over to me
    but i just tune out/and i count to three
    till shes done now/then maybe shell leave me alone
    give me a couple minutes/while im on the phone
    trying to get shit worked out/but its really hard
    when you got no cash/and you got no car
    and your sittin and hoping/things will start to pick up
    but you know your dad is just gonna fuck things up
    so you losing your mind/losing your friends
    just when you thought you hit bottom/you fall again
    into the hole that just keeps growing bigger
    deeper and whider/so you start to digg her
    cuz you know theres only so far down to go
    before you hit luck/and find some gold
    so ill just sit back here and wait/until i can finally get away
    from this bullshit/that you people callin life
    but really/its just a big ball of lies
    trying to get yourself ahead of the game
    throwing other people down/but they doing the same
    this world is fucked/theres is just no doubt
    but suicide is the pussys way out
    so ill work harder than i ever did
    try to get on track/its my turn to win
    im not desperate yet/but im almost there
    poor enough that i/gotta cut my own hair
    but you know/i wouldnt want it any other way
    cuz the life they want me to live/is fucking gay
    trying so hard/working all your life
    and what does it get you/but i hotty wife
    whos just trying to get to/your riches
    might as well just hang with the hoes and bitches
    atleast theyll give you a bit of respect
    while they stealin your wallet as they kissing your neck
    but look at the clock now/its about time
    for me to call quits/on this half assed rhyme
    if this was on paper/id rip it apart
    but rippin a computer/is goin to far
    its probably the most expensive thing i own
    and yet it still just fucking blows
    but im done now/im bouncing its time to go
    im tired of spitting/so ima cut the flow

    hahhah damn i was little fucker back then...
  2. yo yo mix masta AdAM in da hizouse.
  3. eminadem hahahaha oh man...

    dunno why i would post a thing like that... but i thought you guys would get a laugh, i know i did :D
  4. haha, i thought that was aight tho, we got ourselves a new rapper hahah
  5. cool

    I like finding stuff like that,
    I found a book I started writing two years ago about my life, and I've decided to keep going on it.

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