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HGL Buyer Beware

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by barfdog17, Dec 28, 2010.

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    I know Cammie aka HydroGrowLed and LED Girl has been banned here, but for anyone that hasn't done their research I offer you this information...

    I just got a bad vibe from her in the beginning mainly due to her extremely combative attitude, I had no intention of doing business with her after I saw how she treated the blades and various other forum folk.

    Note: This isn't my grow or my article or my writing, just passing the message along...

    Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) Hydro Grow LED! - 420 Magazine

    To all potential LED light buyers, I am offering this information to keep you from the nightmare that I have entered!

    I came to 420 Mag in May to learn information about growing and LED lights. This is truly a wonderful site with all of the growing information that anyone would need. Thank you all for all of your knowledge! I am on my first grow and all of you Grow Masters would be proud of how I have used your information, I am very, very pleased with what you have taught me!!

    However, LED information seems to be a little harder to glean, more so in May, than currently. As such, I had to digest what I could and take my best shot. I had searched the web before I came to 420 Mag and found a lot of lights to choose from, but only considered one; ProSource UFO’s. I got a quote from ProSource and then presented them with two ProSource discount coupons that I found on web sites where ProSource was advertising. They refused to honor the coupons, so I refused to buy the lights. By this time I had found 420 Mag and began to digest the information from the LED sponsors.

    It came down to two lights, Mike at GrowLEDHydro, and Cammie at Hydro Grow LED. My best choice was Mike at GrowLEDHydro so I contacted him and we put together a package that would work for my needs; unfortunately, he then explained that the lights were out of stock and it would be about three weeks before they would arrive. Here’s a lesson; don’t be impatient!! When you have digested all of the information and have come up with the best choice, be patient, you made the best choice for a reason! I, on the other hand, was impatient and a fool and settled for second best! The three weeks wait for Mike would have meant nothing compared to the horrors that I have experienced with Cammie at Hydro Grow LED.

    I am growing in two 4x4 tents, one for veg and one for bloom. Because I didn’t know much about growing, Cammie tried to oversell me on lights and wanted me to buy eight lights for about $6,000.00. I passed on her suggestion for eight lights, but then took her suggestion that two 126w lights would do for the veg tent. I purchased two 345w lights for the bloom tent and two 126w lights for the veg tent.

    The 126w lights were not the answer which was apparent quickly. I contacted Cammie and asked if I could upgrade to two 205w lights. She agreed, but she said that the 126w returns were now used and she would have to deduct $100.00 per light from my credit towards the two 205w lights. Bottom line is, I purchased two 345w’s and two 205’s for $3550,00.
    When I asked for an address to ship the 126w lights to, she said that she was moving and would not be able to give me an address for a few days and to not ship the lights. It took two weeks for her to send an address, (and my crop was suffering) I asked on June 15, she sent it June 29. I shipped the lights to her the next day, June 30 and she got them July 6. The new lights (205w) arrived on July 19 (and my crop is still suffering). One of the new lights was defective! I e-mailed Cammie and she e-mailed me back on the 26th. 14 days later, my replacement light was shipped from China (and my crop is still suffering). The light arrived August 12 (and my poor crop is still suffering).

    By this time I had already told Cammie that her customer service was the worst that I had experienced in my life and that I was very sorry that we had done business together and that I would have returned the lights to her were it not for her 25% restocking fee! She said that she was sorry that I felt that way and that maybe only 1 in 300 of her customers had any complaints. Some of the excuses that she gave for so much delay time were: I had to move and could not take care of business, my family came to visit and I had to go to Disneyland for a few days and could not take care of business, someone at the factory in China died and I could not take care of business! I think that you get the picture!

    I lost a few plants in this process and had some very sick ones that it has taken a long time to nurse back to health. Not wanting to be in this position again (and since Builder let the cat out of the bag about LED power sources), I e-mailed Cammie and told her that I wanted to purchase additional power sources for my lights at my cost and nothing to do with any warranty issue. She e-mailed me back and made no mention of power sources, but, said that she had not received the defective light that I had sent back to her through UPS and was going to file a complaint. She e-mailed me again and said that UPS had lost the light in shipment and that they would only reimburse her for $100.00 because I had failed to insure her package. She said that I was a thief and had stolen a light from her. She demanded that I pay her $600.00 within 48 hours or she would call the local Sheriff and file a complaint for theft and I would be arrested for growing marijuana.

    I e-mailed her back and told her that I was sorry that her light had been lost by UPS and that I had followed her return instructions in accordance with her web site policies and that her issues were with UPS and not me. I also explained that I did discuss insuring the package with the UPS clerk, but the light was defective and there was no way to place a value on it. She e-mailed me back and restated that I was a thief and that the Sheriff would indeed be visiting me and I would be going to jail for growing marijuana and that I should have thought about watching my back before I screwed her out of a light! She also told me to never contact her company again for any reason.

    I went to the UPS office where I had shipped the package from, when I explained to the clerk why I was there, her mouth fell wide open for a moment and she said “Oh my god, you’re the poor man that’s having to deal with that crazy woman”. The clerk told me that the Sheriff’s Department had indeed contacted them about the complaint. The clerk told the Sheriff that there were no improprieties, only business as usual, that they had lost a package and the complaint was just sour grapes from an unhappy customer. The Sheriff never did contact me because I have an MMJ card and am completely legal (so I assume).

    Since then, one of my 345w lights has lost a power source and two of my light engines are not working. I e-mailed Cammie yesterday to make a warranty claim (her web site says the lights have a three year warranty). She e-mailed me back today and told me that I am a thief and when I pay her $600.00, then we can talk about power sources.

    So there you have it, right from the horse’s mouth.

    When making a purchase, you are buying more than just the product, you are buying a warranty, you are buying customer service, and you are buying the security of knowing that the person that you are buying from is honest and will be there in the future to service their product and your needs! None of that is offered at Hydro Grow LED, or through Cammie McKenzie. SO AGAIN, BUYER BEWARE!!!

    Because Cammie has defrauded me, I am seeking full recourse through PayPal and my credit card company. I hope to make her reimburse my account and return her poorly made junk to her. I’ll keep you informed.

    In the mean time, if any LED vendors or enthusiasts know where I can purchase a power source for these lights, I would greatly appreciate having that info.

    Be well, be safe!
  2. well.... after reading your scathing review...

    cammie appears to have told you to begin with what lights to purchase...

    that being said... i feel sorry that to took such a large risk and met every possible crappy problem known to man... and I really hate the fact that she contacted a sheriff's department with you apparently grown MJ... thats a pretty low blow... Shipments get stolen all the time. I actually knew a driver that use to open packages all the time. NOT his friend anymore.

    LED's really were a bad choice... the technology still isn't there....

    pics of your grow or it never happen
  3. check ebay dude... I get everything there for a good price... 600 for a 300 watt light was it? thats crazy. I know ebay is nothing new but man anything u could need for a grow op is there from foxfarm nutes and soil to Hydro kits to lights and at a much batter price then u would get at a store. When it comes to seeds shop vancouverseedbank... best customer service around... if 80% of your seeds dont germ they will replace them... EBAY and VSB
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    She called the sheriff.That's all we need to know regardless of the details.Fuck her.:smoke:
  5. Tags: LEDGirl, LED Girl, Hydro Grow LED, HYDRO-GRO, LLC,
    Cammie Mckenzie, Cameron S. Wieldraayer, Cameron Scott Wieldraayer, Night Szevyn Racing, NIGHT7RACING

    During the past year, “LED Girl” has made wild claims about her products that those of us with expertise in lighting recognize as complete bullshit. She aggressively demeans all who question her and she regularly disparages competitors. Whether “LED Girl” is ignorant of lighting and/or whether “LED Girl” is intentionally fraudulent has been debated at length. New evidence demonstrates a long history of both ignorance and fraud.

    The products that she markets are easily imported from China and represent no improvement over products readily available from hundreds of other LED importers. The only difference is the aggressive marketing, lies, and arrogance.

    Research reveals that the person calling herself “LED Girl” has a long history of advertising on internet forums and trolling, arguing, and fighting with forum members until she is banned from the website.

    Research reveals that the person calling herself “LED Girl” has a history of setting up internet businesses with slick-looking websites, representing herself as the figurehead of a large business with employees, research and development capabilities, and extensive proprietary knowledge; but she actually works out of apartments, has no employees, hides behind answer machines, disappears with customers’ money, and utilizes an endless supply of lies to avoid taking responsibility.

    Research reveals that “LED Girl” actually has a long history of fraud and theft.

    Research reveals that “LED Girl” is actually a 25 year old individual who has been involved in at least two other businesses that have engaged in fraud. Since his last scam was exposed, this individual has moved out of state (leaving two children behind), changed his name, changed his gender, and started another front, Hydro-Gro, LLC.

    Check it out for yourself:

    Who is “LED Girl”?

    Hydro Grow LED website:
    “Cammie Mckenzie,
    President Hydro-Gro LLC”
    Contact Information:
    Hydro Grow
    Palmdale, CA 93550
    Phone: (707) 225-0490


    UBI Number: 602872232
    Category: REG
    Profit/Nonprofit: Profit
    Active/Inactive: Active
    State of Incorporation: WA
    WA Filing Date: 10/20/2008
    Expiration Date: 10/31/2010
    Agent Name: JUDITH LEE
    Address: 1010 DIANE AVE
    City: OAK HARBOR
    State: WA
    ZIP: 98277

    Corporations: Search

    Business Contact and Profile for Hydro-Gro LLC
    Name: Hydro-Gro LLC
    Phone: (360) 632-8585
    Address: 15416 40th Ave W #B20
    Lynnwood, WA 98087
    Website: www.------------.com
    Principal: Ms Cammie Mckenzie
    Customer Contact: Ms Cammie Mckenzie - (360) 632-8585
    Entity: Limited Liability Company
    File Open Date: January 2010
    Industry Classification: Lighting Plants
    BBB Accreditation: Hydro-Gro LLC is not a BBB Accredited business.
    The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response.

    Hydro Gro | BBB Review | Lynnwood, WA

    Who is Cammie Mckenzie?

    “Cammie McKenzie grows marijuana to treat her chronic back problems.”
    “They believe McKenzie, 24, was using her medical marijuana authorization as a front for an illegal pot farm.”
    “Jurors were shown a photocopy of a driver's license with a picture of Cameron Scott Wieldraayer. That was the name of the defendant before she changed both her gender and her name. The detective identified the person in the driver's license photograph as McKenzie.”
    HeraldNet.com - Local news: Prosecutors question defendant's medical marijuana defense

    Who is Cameron Scott Wieldraayer?

    “My name is Cameron S. Wieldraayer. I have been importing engines (frontclips or half cuts) into the United States for about 8 months. Due to some 
unfortunate events with my business partner, I am no longer able to receive engines from our old supplier, therefore I am looking for new suppliers who can meet my order quotas, provide good quality Japanese engines, do everything in a timely manner, have good prices, and most of all be a friend.
    Night Szevyn Racing
    8344 N. 67th Ave. #1033 Glendale Arizona 85302 USA”

    Night Szevyn Racing,company information

    Date of Birth:
    April 5, 1985

    Nissan Forums: Nissan Forum

    Who is Night Szevyn Racing?

    Night Szevyn Racing
    Domain name: NIGHT7RACING.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    Wieldraayer, Cameron [email protected]
    1010 N. Diane Ave.
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277

    experience w/ night7racing - Zilvia.net Forums | Nissan 240SX (Silvia) and Z (Fairlady) Car Forum

    What do prior customers and associates of Cammie Mckenzie (aka Cameron Scott Wieldraayer, aka NightXCZ77) and Night Szevyn Racing have to say?

    “heres my story...

    “I ordered a RB25 front clip from cameron at night7racing. He is a really nice young guy starting a business so i decide to give him a chance. I pay 3750 bucks in full by bank transfer.. That was over 3 months ago, when he said it would take 4-6 weeks. When I called him about 4 weeks ago he told me that they made a mistake and sent me a RB20 instead so they had to recall the clip and it would take about 2 more weeks to get the RB25 that I ordered to me.. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. For the past 2 weeks Ive been trying to contact this guy again, but he wont answer his phone, emails, or if he ever comes on AIM and i message him, he signs off.. Ive been waiting so damn long I want my money back and Im ordering from someone else.. What can I do to get my money back?

    “Cameron if you read this, gimme a call and we can straighten things out.”

    I too have purchased a clip from Cameron and he gave my the same BS story that an RB20 clip was sent to me as well. Now Cameron can't be contacted at all. I hope it's because he is in jail.

    Dude screwed over TONS of forum members out of a LOT of money.

    Damn...I remember that story. Fucker screwed over a bunch of folks in here, 240sx.org, and 240sxforum. Last thing I remember about the whole thing was that his business partner came in and tried to fix all the kids fuck up.

    he needs te be raped by a hungry gorilla. fuck thief.

    experience w/ night7racing - Zilvia.net Forums | Nissan 240SX (Silvia) and Z (Fairlady) Car Forum

    “does anyone know how I can get in contact with Cameron from Night7racing.com

    “he still owes me a downpipe and testpipe.
    it's been a while, so i was wondering if anyone could help with an email or relay this message to him.”


    Anyone live near Suprise (Glendale) AZ? I have been scamed...
    I ordered a clip from someone who was supose to be reputalbe in the Nissan community 4 months ago. It's been one promis after another that was never keeped. He would keep telling me it would be in this week....then next week and so on and so on. I am now out $3600! He used to live in Oak Harbor WA but now he moved to Suprise AZ. His name is Cameron this is is website Search Results for "night7racing.com"

    If anyone local can locate his home address that would help me out big time!


    Full name...
    Cameron S. Wieldraayer
    He is working at a local Gendale AZ Nissan dealer. Could anyone in that area track him down?

    Anyone live near Suprise AZ? I have been scamed... - Honda-Tech

    Wait so who is he?

    In short he riped alot of people off for a lot of money.

    Well well well - so far in the last couple of days after registering with NICO I have gotten quite a bit of information. Now this name "Cameron" comes up in the wash.

    Dont mean to open any old wounds, but I have had the unsavory experience of dealing with this ******* as well. If anyone has any information about how or where he can be contacted, I have an attorney just waiting to get his teeth into him. Mind you it's not about the money, I want this SOB put behind bars as theives like him deserve.

    My R33 was obtained through Cameron, and while I did get a car, practically everything else he told me was a lie not to mention paying for things I have yet to receive, like my legalization done by him.

    I have contacted the Texas Attorney General, and needless to say since I live in Texas, they are interested in his "business practices". I was very nieve when I bought this car several years ago, I have learned a lot since then. I have no one to blame for my experience except myself but now I want to do my part to ensure that this scumbag doesnt do this to anyone else. I will spend whatever it takes to see this fool go down, make no mistake about that!


    I cant believe that guy is still walking around. He should be in jai| for all the people he ripped off.

    dear god old thread,but yes cameron should be put behind bars,any one now were he lives,i'd like to have a talk with him.


    Con-artists make running a business soo dificult. I am happy to see people are going after him

    Cameron Won't Ever Be A Legit Shop And I'll Make Sure Of It.... At Any Point In Time I Can Have Him Arrested For Fraud. I'm Waiting For Him To Make A Move.

    Cameron Is A Fraudulent Salesman..... He Is Nice Till He Gets Your Money Then He Loses Your Number And Screen Your Phone Calls.

    he started off good..... and you know the rest of the story. bb reports, fbi wants him, passing off unlegalized skylines... he found out he could make a lot of money doing absolutely nothing but taking people's hard-earned money. he's SCUM.

    Night 7--- information-- watch out... - Car Questions, Answers, and Discussion

    Another forum member on here paid for a motor from him, Cameron did the usual disapperaing act for awhile, but contacts were made in AZ and a nice, large man knocked on Cameron's door. The money was refunded that same day.

    Night7 Lawsuit - FreshAlloy.com Forums

    Bought a car off of artifact19 ebay, his email is [email protected], and his companies name is RJC trading out of Seatle WA.

    If any one has heard of him...please let me know!, I can't get a response out of him now that he has my $ for the car....

    360-588-1211 is Anacortes area. Either he's using his cell phone number but chances are he lives up there somewhere.

    thanks, I'v been calling him but no answer, the machine keep sayign somethin rjc trading please leave a msg.... is he scamming me?

    I would say chances are you are getting scamed. This RJC trading guy is tied in with Night7Racing who has $14K+ in our money for Skyline clips. RJC trading is 3 guys. Cameron is the C. The guy on the cell phone is J or R and there must be a third one. These guys are probaly 18-21 years old. I have Camerons partents # and I used ot have his # where he worked. The thing that sucks about this situation is the only way to contact them is with a cell phone.

    Any one ever dealt with this guy? RCJ Trading - Honda-Tech

    Ripped off by RJC Trading/JDM Liquidators look here.

    I guess this company out of WA is getting into it with the government now. I found this on 240SX forums, i'll just copy it over here so those who arent registered, dont have to to view it.

    I recently recieved an e-mail from a Washington detective. They have opened a case concerning RJC Trading/JDM Liquidators. He is encouraging anyone who has been ripped off by this guy to come forward. Here's the e-mail I recieved.
    I am Detective K. T. Ryan with the Anacortes Police Department in Washington State. I am currently investigating a case of EBAY fraud. My investigation shows that you bid on products listed by artifact19 or gargage_jdm. At one point in time this business was operating within the city limits of Anacortes Washington. At this point I now have approximately 10 victims as well as other victims in other nearby jurisdictions. I am attempting to locate as many victims as possible prior to completing my case.

    I am aware that the people involved have used multiple Ebay user names. People who have had contact with me say that they have had email, personal and telephone contact with the following people: Dustin (Blouin), Rob(Carratello), Jose(Gonzalez or Gutierrez(he lives with Rob), Thomas (Vlahovich), Matt (Vollans). They have done business as D Speed, JDM Wholesalers, JDM Engines, RJC Trading, TWV Trading, just to name a few.

    If you sent them money and received nothing, or received something (but not what you won on ebay) I would like to hear from you. If you have had correspondence with others who have also been taken advantage of I would like to hear from them as well. I can not guarantee that I can get your money back for you, but I would like to prevent others from also becoming victims. Even though the garage_jdm user name was shut down they have continued to sell on ebay under other names.

    Detective K. T. Ryan
    Anacortes Police Department
    1218 24th St.
    Anacortes, WA 98221
    360-293-1935 fax

    I've already e-mailed him. Here's his address:
    [email protected]

    If you have had any past transactions with the names listed below, where you did not receive the product you had purchased (ebay or our forums), or did in fact receive the product but were missing some items (ex Front clip, but missing ECU and wiring harnes or something like that), or received a different product (ex. ordered a blacktop, received a redtop), please contact me through PM. Those who do PM me will remain anonymous no names will be mentioned and I will forward your accounts to the detective.

    Suspected sellers are:
    Night, NightXCZ77, NightXCZ777 (all under the name Cameron Night)
    JDM Motors (Rob Carratello)

    If you were considering purchasing a Nissan Skyline from anyone that claims it is legal, please PM me as well, apparently they are importing whole cars Illegally and selling them off claiming they are Legal.

    His name is Cameron Wieldrayer (not sure if that is spelled correctly, but his last name is not Night).

    Ripped off by RJC Trading/JDM Liquidators look here. - Northwest Nissans

    Cameron Wieldraayer / NightXCZ77 / nannyw2 is back (again)

    I just won this eBay auction for a Skyline R32 GTR:

    Turns out the seller is Cameron Wieldraayer. I refused to buy it since the car is illegal. Now he's threatening to sue me for breaking our "legally binding" ebay contract that according to him I "signed". :rolleyes:

    I hope he does sue, because either
    a) he'll make an ass of himself for trying to enforce a contract to buy an illegal car.
    b) he'll when and set a president that the cars he sells are legal.

    Sounds win-win to me.

    Just thought I'd warn any future buyers to beware the eBay seller nannyw2

    is this the same mofo from Night Seven racing or whoever?

    Yes. Although he claims he was just the figure head, it was some other guy who screwed everyone. :shakehead

    no no no no, he wasnt just the figure head, hes the one with all the lawsuits agains tthem.

    I know he wasn't just the figured head, I was just pointing out he's a liar.

    Cameron Wieldraayer / NightXCZ77 / nannyw2 is back (again) - Car Forums and Automotive Chat

    Anyone with legitimate Night7Racing related problems?

    please anyone with current legitimate problems with night7racing or its owner Cameron please contact me via email: [email protected]

    I'm trying to build a case against him. I will be persuing all legal routes as to end his business and fraudulent business practices. Please any help on the situation will speed this process along.

    I've heard countless horror stories about night7...they're supposedly "reformed" now and don't rip people off "anymore." I'd never give them my money. Sean Morris owned the hell outta Cam on the AF Skyline forums, he proved what he was doing with importing Skylines is totally illegal. I wouldn't trust him.

    Anyone with legitimate Night7Racing related problems - Car Forums and Automotive Chat

    Man I love this quote from Mr.Wieldraayer in the NICO forums.

    "And Chris - you can't sue someone with no money to give you.....as I said, wait your turn, when I have the money, you'll be getting it no doubt. If I get sued without having any money, it only costs $200 to declare bankruptcy...which is something I really don't want to do...and you don't want it either because then no one gets a dime back. "

    Is ANYONE going to keep listening to this LOSER LIAR , with a proven track record of lies , taking money and not delivering ?

    Skyline Importing - I've done it - Car Questions, Answers, and Discussion

    So far 8 people have joined this pending lawsuit agasint Mr. Wieldraayer. I realize this post is against the use policies of this web site but it is about time to stop this criminal. Private investigators have proven extensive fraud and local police enforcement officials are now getting involved.

    For more information I have put up a web page on the subject. My name is John Nelson and you may call my cell if you have been conned at 973-725-9587. Visit that link for information on contacting Nick, the man leading the lawsuit.


    Lawsuit Against Cameron S. Wieldraayer Being Filed - AZ240SX.org Forums

    **Warning ** Cameron Wieldraayer ** At it Again

    I just do not want anyone to have yet another horrible experience.

    That guy has balls. A friend of mine paid for a clip from him and got the same run around, he sent a few of his people on the West Coast to meet up with Cameron, needless to say he got his money back.

    Yeah, this guy is shady, ive talked to him several times through aol, and he's full of [censored], he has a bad rep in all of the nissan community, good find, ill post this on my local forum northwest nissans, thanks for the heads up.

    I just won this eBay auction for a Skyline R32 GTR.
    Turns out the seller is Cameron Wieldraayer. I refused to buy it since the car is illegal. Now he's threatening to sue me for breaking our "legally binding" ebay contract that according to him I "signed".

    Just thought I'd warn any future buyers to beware the eBay seller nannyw2

    **Warning ** Cameron Wieldraayer ** At it Again - FreshAlloy.com Forums

    Hello Everyone!

    If any of you have been duped, or know of anyone who has been duped, by Night7 Motorsports (Cameron Wieldraayer) or any of their associates, consult these guys at this link....

    Info about Cameron Wieldraayer and Night 7 [link now dead]
    Info on Lawsuit filed [link now dead]


    Night7 Lawsuit

    Me and 5 others have been scammed $25K from Search Results for "night7racing.com" and RJC trading

    Thats right. I have posted my problem a few times before but after seeing the new SCC arttical that list him as their engine source we are all ready to take him down.
    Here is some info on the guy
    Cameron S Wieldraayer
    phone # 360-672-2415 (cell phone that he never answers)
    Old Address
    1010 N Diane Ave
    Oak Harbor,WA 98277

    New address
    8344 North 67th Ave
    Apt 1033
    Glenndale, AZ 85320

    RJC trading is the company Cameron and his friend Rob started. They run out of Annacortes WA.
    2900 T Ave ST C
    Anacortes WA 98221
    Phone 360-661-4723 Another Dam Cell phone!
    Here is our ongoing post about our problem on the NICO forums (over 12 pages)

    Now there is 7 of us. Going for the 30K mark.

    Me and 5 others have been scammed $25K from Welcome to night7racing.com - Search Results for "night7racing.com" and RJC trading - Honda-Tech

    there have been several cars confiscated in 2005 that were imported by both "MOTOREX" and "night7racing". These cars were confiscated from their owners, crushed, and they were told that if they wanted to be compensated they needed to sue the person they paid for it.... I feel bad for these people but really it is your own fault if you do not check into the laws yourself..

    Motorex GT-R Importer(s) go to jail!!! Info inside!!! - Page 3 - evolutionm.net

    Forums that censor people for that type of stuff fucking suck, period. Not to pick on NICO but I thought the admins there would have learned their lesson after they let that jagoff from Night 7 Racing trample over people. I also remember when one of their own mods scammed people and the admins there let that shit drag on as well.

    Boost Designs is DONE! - Zilvia.net Forums | Nissan 240SX (Silvia) and Z (Fairlady) Car Forum

    What does Cammie Mckenzie (aka LED Girl, aka Cameron Scott Wieldraayer, aka NightXCZ77) have to say about being exposed as a FRAUD?

    Fact is, people have a right to know FACTS about other companies.

    Where to get my engine - S-Chassis.com

  6. lol it isn't my grow, it's not my article, i'm just spreading the word, and there are many journals on the interwebs with people rocking 1g/w or better with LED's. SFhaze and Irishboy are two of the more well known LED growers.

    LEDs are in my future because space, heat and power are issues. The fact that they are more expensive is irrelevant to me because there are just some places HIDs can't go.

  7. I was about to paste the info from thc, but someone already did. To all who have been frauded: FUCK HIM/HER: he will get what he deserves. KARMA is a bitch

    Dude i almost bought 2 345's from them intill i found out about this, OMG thank god!

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    yeah, the funny thing is even though the haight solid state grow ppf 400 didn't come out great in the head to head on cammie's hgl hydro grow led light, one side to side grow doesn't prove much, especially when cause the HSS is best as a scrog/lst light and shoulda been closer to the canopy... and at 400 bucks for 180 watts, about $2.22/watt which is definitely reasonable for me...most likely going to be getting a ppf 800 in a week or two... it's smaller, it's lighter, it's less bulky, easier to handle and from what the journals have to show, seem to work pretty damn well

    she's now on youtube as ProLEDGrowLights and posted this response on my wall about this info

    YouTube - Kanaal van ProLEDGrowLights

    "You're right, I will call the police when a customer steals over $3500 in lights, over $3500 in cash through their credit card company, and all the while tells me they have an illegal grow operation. Why would you not turn someone in who has already stolen over $7,000 from you and seemingly got away with it? But that's right, people like you listen to one side of everything and then you think you're the top dawg. You don't realize the bulshit you're listening to is coming directly from a fraud who's under FBI investigation. He deserves everything he has coming to him, and so do people like you for jumping on his ridiculous bandwagon."


    that's the biggest load of horseshit ever, if she didn't have her packages that were worth that much insured so if they were lost she wouldn't be out the cash, that's just her fault for being a stupid business owner...

    this is how a real business works...a package gets insured...one of my friends had a Mac Pro that was lost in the mail once....she calls ups and calls apple and apple immediately sent her another one... 3 weeks later she gets the original computer in the mail... keeping both for the price of one at no cost to apple...


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