HFestival (or however you say it)

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.BunglEsbong, May 27, 2006.

  1. Hey all, any of you east coast blades hitting up the Hfestival at merriweather tomorrow? i plan on smokin plenty of green and grab some e from my man over there. How do you think securities gonna be? ive heard alot of mixed reports about merriweather, from them not even touching you as you enter, to them searching as thouroughly as opening up your packs of cigs. What do you think? im crotching my stuff as i go in either way just to be safe.
    Love n light- Mr.bb
  2. You in Europe? Cuz you said Blades?

    If you in the states, Im east coast. Only thing i know poppin this weekend big time is the techfest. Which ima try to go to. I dont give a fuck about techno music. But everybody goes. The people from all types of ghettos go, All the hood *****s go to this for osme reason.

    I aient never been there.

    From what i hear you jus get super fucked up and go in and its tight.

    They be poppin pills, Drinkin, Smokin, everythiing before going in and then going in and its fucking bad ass being all fucked up. These peoples aient into tech like me, But i think itll be tight so fucked up. I wont care. I hear its real peaceful there, And it only clost like 7 dollars this year.

    People dont fight people real chill there. Sounds like itll be tight.

    Shit i went to the hoedown in downtown detroit last weekend. I dont get down with country but it was the shit, The lil bit i remeber. Hot drunk girls, Barley clothed some partially nude or almost fully nude(See whatcha want, b,p,a). Then jus get super drunk with the rednecks and be 20-30 deep of hood homies in a redneck place. Us all fucked up and jus fcuking around messin with people. FUckin the shit. Love gettin fucked up and doin shit.

    Damn im drunk!!! HAHAH!.

  3. I like to DJ and go to raves. Best community ever, people on ecstasy are always kind. The people who get trashed sometimes get stupid, but its always good.
    Have fun manz!

    edit: idk if this holds for the east coast, but at raves here, if your rollin you can usually ask a glowsticker to give you a show, and you just lie/sit down on the floor and they spin the glowsticks to the beat right infront of your face, its tripped out.

  4. HFS festival is for white people, as in 99.1HFS in baltimore, rock music.

    Id go but i dont ever buy tickets, my cousins dad wins them off the radio like every year and gives them to my cousin, ive been to other free festivals around here with bands and skaters(they had tony hawk on the half pipe)

  5. rascist


  6. I know, i know, but ive yet to meet someone black in baltimore who likes rock, i like rap and rock so it doesnt really matter to me.

    Cool festival though, couple national bands and a bunch of extremely good locals and up and coming bands playing all at once.

    Oh shit they gonna have kanye west this year, mabey it isnt JUST one demographic
  7. ^Ive know a few people in the heart of the ghetto into hard metal and rock. Scares the gang bangers lol fer real. Im homies with them though, Im homies with like almost everyone besides fools wearin red.

    But they some crazy fools blaring heavy metal and wearin mowhawks and shi but straight ghetto kill a fool type people.

    Im drunk as fuck.

    Like 3/4 a fifth, Like 10 beers, Like 4 blunts. Like tore up rom the floorr up.
  8. Man, it was sick as hell. me n my friends smoked about a half o, i got some e and some sparks and tripped the fuck out to kanye west. He put on suuuch a good show fucking incredible, sampled all these old songs like sweet dreams and eleanor rigby. He should of finished, Matisyahu was sick (especially his beatboxing) but he couldnt follow kanye.
    I bought a new piece there in the guise of a necklace (just a spoon with a string going through all the holes) and had a fucking incredible time.
    The best thing was just how chill it was, out in the field in front of the main stage you could do whatever the fuck you wanted, except fight, without getting any trouble from staff. People in the crowd would hand you blunts all over the place. plenty of moochers too coming up and asking for a hit, or a bowl, but w/e we were happy to share. There were some other crazy acts, jah works was nice, atmosphere was fucking incredible, when cypress hill came on you couldnt walk anywhere without smelling looads of bud. It was generally just a great time.

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