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  1. Sup, guys? I'm Schyler. 20 year old lady in the state of Tennessee.

    I was on here a little while ago and had this bad ass into about myself but I got timed out and logged out! :( So I'll keep
    it brief, (typing on an iPhone sometimes takes awhile, especially if you're high.) I, along with everyone else here, love weed. Now that I'm a mum, I
    have to get my recreational activites to the late evenings. I live with my boyfriend (baby daddy) and although he's not much of a smoker, he respects (and sometimes encourages) my choice to use. I also have other passions, of course my little boy being one and light in my life, I also love a wide variety of music. Everything from Folk to hardcore, pop to punk, indie to r&b, to 1950s swing music. Though my favorite currently is pop punk, like Set Your Goals. I also like art, traveling, and cooking. I love dumb jokes, piece
    shopping, and browsing the furniture stores. I watch a lot of TV on DVD and love smoking and watching old movies. You know what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, if I could set up my picture through my phone, you could see... But if you wanna be friends on FB, send me a message! :D

    Now, where did I put that j....?
  2. Welcome to the city, looks like you will fit in just fine haha since it's obvious you love weed. Pop punk is so good especially set your goals even though I haven't listened to them in forever. I think im gonna go do that now haha

    Enjoy your stay in the city:hello:
  3. Ha ha hello and welcome! Nice to see a friendly face around here! Enjoy your stay! I love music too. Any and all types. Currently going back to my roots. Listening to punk and alternative rock. But love pretty much all types.
  4. Thanks! Pretty stoked to have stumbled upon this place. Seen some interesting threads already.
  5. Hell yeah. There are some crazy stuff that goes on here.

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