Heyyy sooo... Today's mah birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by terradactyl, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. finally 18 ;)
    been burning all day, got some buddies coming back for the weekend from college so we're gonna rage tonight

    one loovee, hope you're all having a wonderful day
  2. Happy birthday man!

    Have a toke or two for me, and vibes to ya

  3. :poke:
  4. lol, uhhhhh....you mean 19, right?
  5. nope i meean 18. september 24 1991. not all underage people on her are trolling faggots
  6. My girls 18th birthday was today congrats man have a good one
  7. Happy B-Day.

    18 finally eh ? I remember my 18th... hope you have a good one bro.
  8. You should get super high and go into a strip club too.
  9. How can I put this diplomatically..

    hmm.. oh yes..


  10. happy b-day bro

    word on that trollin shit

    i got my first 2 light green bars on here when i was only 15-16

  11. [​IMG]

  12. Happy birthday man. Go buy yourself a pack of smokes.
  13. happy sliffday. birthday.
  14. aw alright, i lose.

  15. its my moms bday too man. cept your probaly smokin more than her.
  16. happy birthday

  17. Now you only have 2.99 more years until you can actually look forward to your next birthday.

  18. this is the motivation that keeps me going.. i can not waaait to be that guyyy

    thanks all for the birffday wishes:love:
  19. happy bday terradact!
    id do my famous strip down for you, but the lawsuit from before isnt finished:D.

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