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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pyrotec420, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. hows everyone doin HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to all...anyways i havent beeen keeeping u guys updated on my plants for those that dont remeber i had the ones with the lanky problem due to my lack of light....but anyway there both doin awesome the female is budding theres some beautys on it hella skunky too im excited since its my first grow AND! i stll havent put them under hps lights yet!!! but hey its lookin goood ...the male is also doin good but i need to know how i can get seeds from the male so i can make more? plz help me out on that one ...thanks alot PEACE TO ALL!!!!
    p.s. ill get some pics tomrow and post them
  2. pyro,

    don't take my advice over anyone elses because I am yet to get a grow under my belt, but I have read a lot and here is my helpful info:

    if you don't want seeds in your buds (sensimilla), seperate the male and the female immediately. if you want every bud to have seeds, let them grow together. eventually, the male will release its pollen and the flowers of the female will fatten up and produce your seeds. if you just want enough seeds to go another grow, I recommend seperating your male and tying a plastic bag around one of the pods. when the pod opens, you will have a nice bag of microscopic pollen. if you take a toothbrush and rub it around in the bag, you will get enough pollen on it. with that toothbrush, lightly rub the flowers on the female. you don't want to do the whole plant, especially if you intend to sell. when pollenating the flowers, be extremely careful. you don't want pollen all over the place. make sure you don't have any ventilation going. after you pollenate the flowers, you might want to put a bag around the pllenated area just to be safe.

    there is one last way of doing it, but I can't remember exact details, maybe a seasoned grower can. there is an acid (I think it starts with an A) that you can create a dilluted solution with and spray some of your female plant. where you spray, the female will show male characteristics. if you can get your female pregnant by itself, you will have feminized seeds which is definitely a good thing if you like buds :)

    I wish you luck!

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