heyy muannn

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by naughtyneighbor, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. tru old baked storey fuckers

    ok so we're baked out of our mind and we can't control it i think it's thelaceddddddddddddddddddd:smoke: :rolleyes: :mad:

    me and f1re3man are hanging it out and this shit is fucked up i have been seeing stroobe lighhtt for the last 1/2 hour f1r3man says hes hornyyy

    everything is
  2. He says he's horny? Ya'll two dudes? I'd leave him or kick him out in a second if he said that to me.
  3. yeah man youre right but everything seems so weird...ahha

    oh it's okayhe said it was happy not horny i'm just happy youre horn
  4. oh man i have been having this strob elight for maybe an hour now..i swearr it's laced or something i've never had a high like this of course i've only smoked 4 times and i never really got high until now..what's the ffctx of laceddddd
  5. haha my mate always has hard ons when he smokes (i only know cos he keeps fucking telling me lol), im like "i dont care, pass that shit" lol​
  6. I'll lace your ass with my foot.

    Just kidding.

    Viva La Revolution!!!
  7. ahahahahaaa i barely remember him posting this thread we were so baked well i was he on the other hand was flipping shit and kept rambling about it being laced weed hehe ya i didnt say i was horny no worries folks.........

    anyways...im gonna go :smoke:
  8. it may be really good weed or its laced with meth.. prolly just really good weed tho
  9. good god.
  10. i never got why people think their weed is laced. cause if their dealer laced it with meth or w.e dosnt that cost money and wouldnt they charge you more? unless its like bugspray or something but thats just fucked up.
  11. not trying to be a prick or anything but 2 dudes smoking together and 1 says dude im hard doesnt seem right i rly hope hes not gay and trying to come on to u, not that theres anything wrong with being gay, just something wrong with coming on to some1 u no is striahgt
  12. hahahah agreed^^^^^^
  13. That is really sad that you can't talk about your own sexuality when your stoned. When I'm with my boys, we are talking about fucking all the time.

    Your shit prolly wasn't laced. It could of been some creeper. It'll sneak up on you, I swear.

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