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what gets you the most toasted?

  1. tokin from a bong

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  2. tokin from a pipe

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  3. tokin from a joint

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  4. eating brownies

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  1. mushi mushi!
    im new here. im from canada, i wanna start growing. i dont have the right equipment. check out my picture. its of me and i just inhaled a mad wiff of cheeba. see ya later,

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  2. jesus critter...that thing is larger than a tampon
  3. LOL. that's the face i made from some really bad schwag... oh, and by the way, eating bud (brownies, etc.) get's you the most high. when inhaled your lungs absorb roughly 65% of the THC... when injested and the bud goes through your digestive tract, 95% of the THC is absorbed... so you get roughly 35% more high from eating it :)
  4. i got stoned off my ass eating MJ one day. I made plans to go out and seeing how tough it is experimenting cooking my greens in with dinner, I put wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy to much in and couldnt remove my ass from the couch for 7 hours. I had the highest high ive ever had. never made it out. never made it to the phone either.
    smoking though, i gotta say bong hits. for sure.
  5. i think i am replying to my own thing? ehe oh well. I wanted to post a picture and it is the drabbest thing i have ever seen. i found it in my hightimes mag, it is probably the best growing system. if i had 8000$ canadian, this is what i would buy...

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  6. wow, nice pict, canadians rule, by the way, anyone have any brownie recipes? is that how u spell recipe?
  7. omg where in canada u from u really look like a girl i met i while back lol

  8. LOL critter has done it again! :D
  9. im from ottawa, yo
    i dont actually talk like that
  10. i lost my one hitter i need a new one wanna loan me yours

  11. Hey PeOplE....man that was funny ass hell dude goddamitt i juss laffed outa lung of dank!!!! all for u man lol ..back to my toke ..shit typing is kinda trippy once in a while when ur high of yer ass well just a thought....back to my smoke...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  12. a good thing to do to helpp your plants if you don't have any equipment is to use a co2 generator made of yeast and water, ask someone else to explain how to make them cause i'mm a bit too stoned to type


    (p.s. i'm new too)

  13. well, you can take any recipe for brownies that involves flour, take out a portion of flower, and replace it with an equal portion of bud that you've grinded up with either a coffee grinder or a food processor (ex. if the recipe needs 1.5 cups of flour, take out half a cup of flour, and replace it with a half cup of grinded buds). or you can boil chopped up bud in a melted stick of butter for like 10 or so mins, strain, then use the butter in any recipe that calls for a stick of butter (or you can put it on toast, etc.). the more bud you use the higher the THC content of the butter... if you want after straining, you can add more buds, and keep repeating the process... this will ensure super potent butter.
  14. A properly used vaporizer can produce a high similar to eating it. Personally I like a combination of eating and smoking. The mix makes for a nice relaxing but active high similar to if you just smoked nugs, even if it's shwag.

    LOOK here's what you do if you are over 18 go to a corner store and ask fof a "BLUNT WRAP" MY FAVORITES ARE CONGIAC AND BACARDI you open the package use the entire thing (it's simular to a cigar wrap) put a lot of weed in it roll it up ( like a really big joint) spark it up AND YOU FUCKING ENJOY SMOKING IT


    damn ametures

  17. or you can make a real blunt by hollowing out a philly or swischer sweet cigarillo and refilling the hollow skin with ground bud....who uses "blunt wraps" then comes onto a forum and calls people amateurs? those arent even blunts, theyre huge joints rolled with cigar papers. and chill with the caps, it seems to get even more annoying after having smoked.
  18. thats a funky looking contraption there, never seen anything quite like it.

    to your poll i would have to say, chowing on some brownies taking a couple bong rips, puffin down a jay, and to wind down load a couple of bowls. or at least i did that once and it got me severely fucked up. one of these days i am going to just eat brownies and see how well they work, when ever i eat 'em there is always so much good bud aroud i am ripped by the time they kick in.

    oh yeah, i am new here as well. hi all. :)
  19. Most of the blunts i've smoked we unwapped the cigar, and re-wrapped it with buds inside. I've also seen people just cut the blunt and use the paper and leaf as a paper.
  20. yOOOOOOOO blunts are kool and i live in Chicago and we do all that too in fact its all too common picking up any arbitrary blunt yes BLUNT empty it all out and fill it up with weed i mean its always been known as blunts over here not BIG JOINTS lol big joints to me and people around heere are just joints using that lil traditional WHITE paper but well using slightly larger papers but when the leaf is brown its a blunt or so the black bros and sis state out here lol its a lil rule that black people out here abide-ONLY smoke BLUNTS like the rappers lol all the bongs n hookahs are for white people THEY SAY so its kinda been embedded in my head that way i mean i just pop out a bowl and spark it up u kno i can care less if its paper or metal but when im with black people some will not even smoke weed if there isnt any BLUNT PAPEH lol HEY to each his own people are all different u kno? CITY LIFE GOTTA LOVE IT NAH MEAN LOL

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

    but i say blunts and joints burn the weed all too fast 'ohh but it gets u high faster!' yeah well im in no hurry...i dont mind savoring the lucious cannabis smoke slowly and patiently wait thats the same aint it? whatever U kno what i mean...

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