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  1. So indoor grow. I planted my seeds in some store purchased soil. i keep the soil damp not wet. it has room to drain. the lights are on the timer for 12/12. it's been 5 days an still i havent had one of them sprout. i planted 5 into jiffy style cups and can't get one of them to sprout any suggestions. message me or respond on here if you need more info to help me. maybe i have bad seeds?
  2. Try germinating them in a napkin next time. In 5days most seeds will sprout but they could take up to 10 days. After that they prob dead. Rules for sprouting...
    Warm,damp,dark . Hope this helps
  3. It isn't uncommon for some seeds to take 10-14 days before sprouting after planting. Placing them in a damp paper towel before planting assures you that you are planting something that will grow. Some seed are in fact 'duds' and will not grow.
  4. Never had a seed sprout after 10 days ...but hey,it could happen
  5. ive never had one take more than 4 days so im really at a loss with this 5 day shizzz good luck man maybe a day or two????
  6. I have had them sprout, after 5 days in soil! Put a plastic cover over them! Keep them humid(NOT WET). As a matter of fact you can poke a few holes in the plastic and use a spritzer on top of the plastic. Tape, or rubber band the plastic cover down. It works as a green house. Good luck.
  7. That's how I do my clones
  8. When you say warm dark damp. Do you mean i shouldent have my grow lights on at all till i see a sprout? assuming i planted in soil. i thought light was neccessary?

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