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  1. how is evryone doing? hope everyone is keepin a nice blaze going on ;) just have a lil stoner moment i guess to introduce myself.

    one day me and my friends made the innovative idea of everyone have one smokin apparatus and then passing it to the next person. then after doing so for the whole night, somebody pointed out that we should all just keep our own :p
  2. welcome home dude :smoke:
  3. Welcome, fellow blade.
    Hope all is well. And I'm doing fine, thank you.:)
    Just wish I didn't burn out the rest of my stash.
    Hopefully I'll be picking up soon!
  4. thanks for the welcome guys :smoke:
    liking this forum so far ,

    since93 - home sweet home ;)
    IThinkItsTime - hope you get a nice crop , i heard they have bomb purple urkle in arizona! down here in bc , all bout the og kush from my area!
  5. Chyeah, we have some pretty good stuff here.
    I feel like it's getting harder to get though. :/
    And I'd love to go to BC.
    I may be going there with my parents this summer. It's with my parents, so I honestly don't know how it will be. But hopefully I'll be able to pick up.((;
  6. yeah ;P always wanted to go to arizona.. I have been told by everyone that the girls there are pretty damn hot haha ;) .. when you try BC bud you wont be disappointed, I dont know how easy going arizona is on the law with marijuana, but I have smoked pot with a cop on duty down here :smoke: gotta love Canada haha
  7. Cops here are TERRIBLE.
    Well, at least in Gilbert.
    It's about the rich kid town, and there's not real danger here so they always pick on the stoners. All the cops here are hardly even cops. Their badge rankings are usually "Police in Training". XD
    And chyeah. We're all pretty cute. ;D
  8. Haha, well you do what you gotta do... Man that must be a bitch though, I love the Cops here :)
  9. Blaize up!
  10. *Blaze

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