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  1. Howdy... names Christian and im not new to the GC site as a guest but i never made a account =D anyway just wanted to say whats up and meet some chill people... baha but im currently on parole for some Stupid things i did with some Stupid people...and im 5 months clean from Bud but not for long! i get off parole this June and plan to pick up right where i left...smoking dank and living life.. so yeah that's about it
    Stay safe and keep on smoking. [​IMG]
    Dont ask why i put Colors on some of the words i was bored haha.
  2. I was clean for 2 years cause of Probation trust me know how it is...I started right back up where I left off, its kinda nice coming back from a long break makes that time back fucking awesome. Welcome btw.

  3. thank you man :)

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