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  1. i dont kno whyu but it wont let me post
    (wow but this shit posted)
    ORIGINAL POST: Hello, my name is Aaron. I have been smoking pot since the beginning of high school, I loved it from the get go. lol Did my I-search paper on it. Interesting note as well I was born 4/20 and have the most red eyes ever when I'm high. Like I even get demonic scarring from the veins they get purple, it can be pretty scary (just a bowl of mids can be enough to do it too, and the better the bud the worse my eyes get). Another cool thing I would say about me is I was a twin which would mean we would have been 420 twins lol. I'm persian, and my family is over 900 years old so I will be the family to make it 1000 years (we have been smoking for a looong time lol). OH and at school they call me weed jesus, funny thing is my moms name is mary lol. Also my eyes are a green brown so people have even told me my eyes look like pot lol lol lol. Im also into art and philosophy. So yeah thats me. Hi
  2. well u guys are welcoming

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