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  1. Hey. I've been looking around the site and I really dig it. Figured I'd join the forum. I like forums. Belong to a few others myself. I'll probably just read for a while and get the feel of things before I jump in. I know it sounds like English is my second language, but I just get really nervous with these "Introduce Yourself" threads. I'm promise I'm from North Carolina. Laurinburg (hometown)and Pembroke (College - Universirty of North Carolina at Pembroke). I'm 24 and have other information I will gladly answer when asked. Seriously, if ya want to know anything about me, ask. I'll tell you. If I don't want to tell you... I'll tell you that.

    That last little bit there make me all "fuzzy-headed". Think I'll stop now.
  2. nice to meet yea :) welcome to the city!!
  3. Dude! No reason to be nervous! Half of us are stoned, and the other half don't care! :D

    C'mon in, pop a squat, and join in the fun! Welcome to 'da City, man! :D
  4. Welcome to the city of green!
  5. Welcome to the city

    Have a :smoke:
  6. Hey. Welcome. :D

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