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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PurpleStar, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone, just registered today. Im female and ive been smoking ganja for three years now. Ive never tried any other drugs. I started off with just smoking every now and then on solid. Then before long, it went from every thursday, to every day and me learning to roll. Which only took me about a month to pick it up and get decent smokes out of them. And over time. ive got a bit better. I have slowed down on it recently, because i went to Amsterdam october 2002, and had my very first whitey. This put me off alot, and i was frightened of having another.

    Im going back very soon, and have got to start smoking alot, to get it into my system. Cos, as anyone who has been to Amsterdam will know how strong it actually is. I didn't manage to go to that many coffeshops. I did visit Barneys, for the people who have been there what did you think of it? Id like to get a bit more done in the three days i go next time, anyone got any good coffeeshops in mind?
  2. The "down under" has a unique atmosphere.

  3. Yeah well when you're having the whitey it may be a little frightening, but in retrospect I always think they're great. Really makes you respect the weed :)

  4. Tell you what, Take me along with ya and I'd be more than happy to show you the sights ;)

  5. You'll need me, too. For, um, uh... emotional support! Yeah, that's it! Emotional support!
  6. em...take me too, i haven't been yet to Amsteram,i will go within the next year or so though, it's not fair.
  7. Welcome to the stoners paradise.. Kick off your shoes and stay a while!
  8. Welcome to the city :D
  9. Shit, at least you get to go! And here I'll be, stuck with cheap commercial weed. *sniffs sadly*

    But in regards to your original smoking habbits... that's so cool, because I originally rarely did it, then it progressed to every thursday night when I'd get back from class. Then it became a daily ritual....
  10. WELCOME!!!
  11. Firstly, welcome to da City! 'tis a wonderful little corner of the 'net you've stumbled upon.

    Secondly, what is a whitey?

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