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  1. Hey. I'm not really NEW here to say, I had an old account here, but I havn't used it since November 2006.

    About me. My name is Cory. I'm 18 years old and am completing my senior year of high school. I'm enlisted with the PA Army National Guard. Don't freak out, I'm not here to bust anyone. I love the herb of the nation as much as anyone else here. I used to smoke a lot before I joined the NG, but I had to quit for a while. I just completed Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky August 23, 2007. I have to go back to Fort Knox for Advanced Individual Training June 20, 2008. Until then, I'm going to enjoy what I love. I support reforming Marijuana laws because Marijuana is the only drug I'd ever support using. I believe many good things can happen with it's legalization. Unfortunatly, I can't do much being in the Army and all. If I get caught, I'd be in a shit-load of trouble. But that's why I plan on not getting caught. :cool: If you're not going to like me for being in the military and being here, keep it to yourself. I'm not causing problems here. I'm not some FED or Pig. And I'll probably be going to war sometime in the next 3 - 5 years defending your freedoms.

    If you got questions you'd like to ask, let me know here. I'll answer as best I can, as soon as I can.
  2. Hey welcome to the City... again.

    I'm consider joining the Canadian Forces Reserves by next summer -- looking forward to basic training.

    Good for you for serving your country.
  3. Cool. I don't know how the Canadian Military does things. All I know is that it's hard to enjoy the bud in the military because we get surprise drug tests. Basic training is a lot of fun and you'll experience many things about 99% of your country's youth don't plan on doing. You'll be more prepared and motivated for your future. I don't really support the Reserves for the US because they don't have a lot the National Guard offers. They don't even have infantry. Plus the NG offers more money. Look into your options if you want to join the military. Take the branch with the best options and benefits. I get 100% free college and a $20,000 enlistment bonus. I bet you know where some of that's going. :smoking:
  4. I did 8 years in the service one good stay in iraq (03 04) I was there for the kick off) as 11b out now... good luck kid.
  5. "There are only 2 MOS's in the Army. 11B and 11 wanna-be."

    I'm 19-Kilo Mobile Gunman. Stryker Brigade. I wanted to do 11B, but since I was 17 when I enlisted, my mom wouldn't let me.

  6. Welcome! and Id like to thank you for your service. Your people and your fellow soldiers, and veterns support you. :)

    AIT involving tanks by chance?

    I did my basic at Ft. Benning, GA and my AIT at Ft. Knox

    I was a 63M
  7. I can either think of Cav scout or truck driver...

    My MOS involves the Strykers. It's a faster, but less armored version of a tank. Some are Cav scout transport, others have M240B's and .50 Cals. The one I'm in has a cannon on it like a tank.


    Those are my babies.
  8. we are all 11b,,,, undercover,,,, i was a 54 b, a n.b.c. specialist,,,,,

    the military and smokin weed go hand-in-hand as far as im concerned,,,,, they send you to some of the best places to sample some good weed,,,

    it would be a shame not to partake in some of it,,,,

    welcome back to the board,!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  9. Especially considering the military, more specifically the army, is full of guys with records and a lot of them were druggies before joining the military.

    Im thinking about re-enlisting next March.

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