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  1. I'm more like south of the mason-dixon, but that doesn't sound romantic

    I smoked a lot until I was 18. now, many years later that it's legal I smoke again for anxiety and depression. No more drinking, YAY!
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  2. Didn't you post this same thing in another thread?
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  3. I was smoking the herb 50 years ago to get high. Now I'm smoking the herb to.... Ohh wait it's still to get high with a side of pain control. :)

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  4. Welcome to GC @south of the border.:passing-joint:
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  5. I tried to delete this thread after realizing it was in the wrong place. What can I say?! I was high...

    someone can delete the other one :)

    thanks y'all
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  6. Welcome to the city!
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  7. Welcome! Always nice to meet another who gets health benefits from dear Mary Jane. I would rather smoke weed than drink any day lol. Anyway enjoy!!! :passtheshit:
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  8. Welcome mate, considered the southeast my home for many years, now fully enjoying being able to cultivate at home in my state!
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  9. Beautiful! One day I will grow something like that.
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  10. I could grow here but I think it would take up too much of my time. I used to help my ex father in law grow we grew indoors with really nice hydraponic lights and he paid me 1/8 a day and whenever I was out of weed I could just call and he would bring it by. I miss that.
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  11. One goes with the other in my house...
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  12. yeah, crazy beautiful! The plant came from deep space
  13. Thanks mates, it was a decent run of Gorilla Glue 4, either my second or third most recent grow journal if you want to see more or check out the step-by-step on how to do it. (also have journals on my Bruce Banner and Jack Herer grows)

    There is no "sponsored content" in my journals, although I do mention the specific models of lights and equipment I use as well as what seed banks / breeders etc the run is based off of in case anyone wants to replicate the techniques using the same gear though.

    Still have a few months to go, but working on a Gelato-33 journal atm, I haven't done any in about a year, and really looking to outdo my last crop which is going to be a decently high bar to clear because it was fire.

    I started from almost dead 0 knowledge on cannabis cultivation roughly 3 years ago, there is a lot to learn, but its not as difficult as it seems
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  14. I didn’t understand alcoholism when I was younger

    I was fixing to be an alcoholic like the rest of my family until I started to smoke weed
    Instead of drinking and getting fucked up, I would end up smoking weed and watching movies and stuff

    funny thing is, I got more pussy smoking weed, then I did drinking???

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