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Hey you wanna chill, blaze some bowls?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankdude420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Recently there has been two people calling me and theyre all like, hey dude; are you trying to chill burn some bowls? and all is dandy with that EXCEPT, when i meet up with them I am the only one with the bud. and im just thinking, wait; didnt YOU call me trying to chill, so why would you call me asking if i wanted to match on some bowls if you have nothing to match with? I cant fucking stand it anymore. anyone else have this problem and know a good way to deal with it. These are some clingy fuckers too, i cant just not pick up they WILL blow my shit up. Im thinking about next time this happens im just gonna bring myself get in the car and just say i dont have any bud see where it goes from there.
  2. since it sounds like you have smoked them up, just be like "its your turn guys".

    if not, (it sounds like they don't take hints well) let them know straight up that you don't wanna chill.

    on another note, what they are doing it pretty fucked up. if a friend smokes me up i return the favor y'know?

    Good Luck.
  3. Like when you say, they will blow your shit up. Do you mean like physically blow up your shit, or like tell your parents and what not, cops, etc????! I would tell them, that yeah thats cool if they want to chill, and then not bring any bud and chill with them. lol, do it!!!
  4. I agree that that is messed up.
    However, the fact that I think that is messed up leads to problems in a new town... even if I run into other smokers (since I'm dry right now), I can't be like "hey, wanna chill, smoke a bowl?", it would be more like "hey, wanna chill, smoke a bowl?... but uh, I'd need a hookup first..."
  5. lol wut
  6. word man, that shit happens a lot.
  7. classic stoner thing right here

    its just sort of one of those unspoken things. you just sort of throw in accordingly you know?
    if you dont want to throw down thats cool, say you're trying to preserve a little. but with this situation you gotta be like hey throw in if you wanna smoke cuz if not imma go smoke a bowl
  8. its always easier to find a friend to smoke you out. they know you will get em back, or you should.
  9. thats probably what i'd do. just act like you were expecting him to have some, then act all dissapointed. hes playing games with you, so fuck with him a little bit. maybe to embarass him you could say 'im broke, im out of bud, and i expected you to have some since ive been smokin you out and you called me."

    or just dont answer. if hes calling your phone over and over, let him. or answer it and tell him to fuck off. those are your options as i see it.
  10. Ya i gotta friend like that, he calls and says yo i wanna talk, so ok i gotta cash my check so ill pick u up, ya wanna smoke? Does a monkey always want a bannana? So i go up to pick him up and he goes hang on dude i gotta finish this chapter for college so whatever i its 1245am and ive been waiting for 15min and one of our other friends calls me outta the blue and goes what ru doin?...random but ok....nothin hangin in front of matts goin to cash my check u? He goes oh well im almost there. So i was like great i just dropped $20 on a bag of weed and im not gunna get hi. So now coincidentlly my friend paul shows up and matt comes the same time...Then matt try's to tell me he JUST SHOWED UP riiight! I was born at night but not last night man. I call that a "scavanger smoker".

    But if i was in ur position i'd prolly b like you guys gunna put in because i cant keep providing, im not growing so its not free.
  11. Dude I know what your saying, that shit is sooo weak. Happend to me a couple times but I don't put up with anymore shit.
  12. Here are a couple of facts i forgot and left out:
    1. I ALWAYS have my dank stash and it is NEVER empty
    2. Ive known them for a good while and where good friends so i dont want to be mean

    this sounds like my best choice, and i have a feeling that they will be droping me off shortly after this haha. I kinda want them to call me up so i can do this now haha
  13. I am in a new area--don't have any friends who smoke
  14. #14 iceman35, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    some reason this happens to me sometimes, seems like everyone around here never has anything but they always call me to smoke, im just like, oh you got anything to match and they will be like oh, no. Then im just like call me up when you do. click!

    i smoke soooo many people up and never get smoked up.

    fuck moochers
  15. If they're your good friends be straight with them. If they don't have bud tell them they gotta throw down. Cause youre not marijuana first national
  16. Yo son you a cop?:rolleyes:
  17. just say no
  18. Tell them to their face that they're being unreasonable, but keep it calm. They could turn that shit around in a second.
  19. I would just strait up tell them your weed aint free. :)
  20. he meant they blow up his phone, meaning they wont stop calling him even if he ignores their call

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