Hey you guys in the north

Discussion in 'General' started by kcme, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. You can go ahead and have that crappy weather right back!! Texas doesn't want it =)

    I just spent an hour and a half coming home, a drive that usually takes under thirty minutes!

    Time to light a J for a little relaxation.

    Upside is school has been cancelled tomorrow already.

    Rock on!
  2. my school aint been cancelled in years, blizzard or no blizzard
  3. Since you send so much rain my way...............

    It won't hurt you to get a little white stuff.
  4. I would love a little white stuff, unfortunately all we are getting is ice!
  5. Thats the bad thing about being in the south. We have more Ice than snow.

    I'm tired of all thw wetness!
  6. Heeh... I'll take it!

    This is the first winter I've had 4wd vehicles. It's so fuckin' fun.

    I misread your post at first, kcme. I thought you were telling us that we could keep our crappy weed.

    Then I read where you were happy about school being called off.

    So I'm picturing a student who travels cross-country to pick up a large amount of weed that he doesn't check out before returning home.

    Then I re-read your post. :D
  7. man, i don't remember the last time my old highschool cancelled.....
    those bus drivers had big ambitions..
    .....thought they were fuckin angels....

    i'm so stoned...sorry
  8. ohhhhhhh i take it all back

    running around in the snow and ice high = amazing fun
  9. hay the south rocks im from nother ark and the ice sukes but my parents are in maine and thay got a shit lood of snow thay can keep that shit just wished it would dent ice cant what for that 100 degree wather rock on peace
  10. This shit sucks..I live in michigan and it's all good untill the holidays are over..then it just plain sucks..need to get my boat in the water and enjoy the summer while smokin...yeah.yeah...that sounds good right now :)
  11. classes cancelled again for tomorrow. heh heh heh

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