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  1. New to grass city, glad to see places like this boomin. Just posting to introduce myself. Highball's the name. I'm currently on my second grow. My Plant's Luxury Suite consists of a circular tube 2' in diameter by 7' high. The whole inside is lined with mylar. My lighting is 400 watt HPS with 120watts of flouro's for the veg stage. My nutrients were bought from Quickgrow. My soil is a per. ver. mix. No special venting just a little fan to keep air moving, I don't worry about the smell 2 much I own the house so it's not a problem. Only have one plant going at the moment so that will change I'm sure when I grow more. I'm going to shoot for 4 of them next time. Speaking of my beauty she is Now 4 weeks and 5 day's old!! currently 14" tall andReally flippin bushy. Going to veg for a while yet and see if I can Grow a Monster. Well that's pretty much it for now , May the growing god's be as good 2 you as they have 2 me :) Later...... HIGHBALL
  2. Welcome, sounds like your doing a great job! Hope your monster is fruitful
    good luck
  3. welcome to the city!
  4. Welcome and keep reading

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