Hey y'all, Poughkeepsie, NY here

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    Hi everyone.
  2. hey buddy Welcome to GC!
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  3. Thanks for the welcome! I've been browsing this site for a long time but finally made an account!
  4. Howdy! What's a New Yorker using Y'all fer?

    And welcome aboard!
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  5. Lmao, I never even use it in real life but I've lived in Virginia once. The influence is there hehe
  6. I was about to say... "Get a rope!" Haha! I'm a transplanted Southerner. I find a lot of ppl use y'all to sound more friendly when they're online. It's funny to me. I rarely use it in person either. I'm more likely to say 'you guys'.
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  7. Just in case...

    I think I'm getting old... Ugh
    -there should be an emoji for crickets-
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  8. Lol! I never use it in real life.

    And lmao! Didn't know New Yorkers produce poor imitations of sauces
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