Hey woodworkers.... holla at me...

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  1. First off, i dont have a router... .that should change today.

    Secondly, ill give you my non woodworking option.... sliding door tracks....


    I am looking for a router bit that i can run along the bottom of a cabinet and create 2 tracks the length of the cabinet so i can essentially use the router to accomplish the tracks so i dont have to buy these tracks..... plus it looks cleaner. I also need to be able to accomplish this cut by holding the router sideways, as in doing it from the front of the cabinet as opposed to using the router straight up and down, since i have to make it all the way to the edge.

    Clear as mud?

    I need to know what the cut is called so i can buy the proper bits today..... :help:

    ive only been able to get this far:


    but the tracks need to be closer together, and be able to accommodate 1/4" glass
  2. first off, i'm gonna say don't do a sliding door if you live anywhere with snow. they never work right after the first winter. do a french door. but i don't know about the train thing.

  3. well, thanks for your ummmmm..... help?

    anyone else?

    if it helps you guys stay on track, this is for a reptile enclosure, so snow is not a factor.
  4. i wouldn't use a router unless you have a router table. use a table saw or chalk lines and a skillsaw, just set the blade to the depth and run it the length a couple times.
  5. not going to work either....


    The side with the holes is the top, the side facing you is what i want to cut out and put in sliding glass doors.
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    Hey what kind of reptiles do you have?

    I've got 6 snakes at the moment :D

    Anyway as far as sliding glass on the speaker enclosure...

    You definitely want to use either the metal or vinyl glass runners. Using a router to make the channels will leave too thin of a spine in between them, it will certainly break.

    My solution would be to run a skillsaw from end to end and then use a jigsaw to cut the shorter vertical lengths out and finish the cuts from the skillsaw. The glass runners I prefer to use are black vinyl and you can get them from any glasscutter. Post with updates :D


  7. ive got a BCI about 3' long, would like to get another one day, so im going to make enclosures out of both speaker boxes and make them stackable. The wood is oak plywood, so you are probably right about the spline breaking and im just wishful thinking on making it "cleaner" so to speak.

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