hey wisdom tooth!

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  1. you better quit hurting shiiiiiit this sucks haha
  2. My sister just got four wisdom teeth taken out simultaneously, all impacted and all in the bone, all 4 needed stitches, her face lookes like a chipmunks, so swollen lol.
  3. Step 1: Get all four Wisdom teeth taken out at once. It really isn't very bad at all, you just can't eat much for a couple days.
    Step 2: Don't bother taking the opiates the dentists prescribes you for the pain after. It really doesn't hurt very much at all.
    Step 3: Sell half the bottle and have fun with the other half.
    Step 4: Profit! (Literally) Also, fun.

    I did this my Freshman year of college. That was a good couple of weeks.
  4. Umm getting wisdom teeth out hurts like a bitch what are you talking about? And you cant even smoke to help the pain.
  5. No pot tea man? I'd be drinking that at all the proper tea times.
  6. Hmmm, It must vary a lot for different people. For me it just felt like someone punched me in the jaw for like 3 days, but I wasn't in agony or anything.
    Maybe it has to do with your bite and whether the wisdom teeth are causing problems or not. Mine didn't hurt before being taken out, it was just precautionary because my dentist could see they would probably cause trouble after a while.
  7. I only have 3, but I've been feeling the pressure of them coming in recently. Unfortunately I have to wait until November for open enrollment for my work's health insurance. They're not so much hurting yet, but I feel like I'm teething or something, clamping my jaw down like I'm rollin balls...Also have some cavities that need filling :( Can't wait to have these things ripped out of my skull :smoke:
  8. I got lucky, all 4 of mine grew in perfectly fine and even made my teeth look better by pushing them closer together.

    I guess I had a roomy mouth prior to them growing in though.

  9. I knew your avatar was a self-portrait! :eek:

  10. Thats the case with mine (so far). Looking like they won't need to be pulled, but it's still early. I've had 3 root canals, though.. so I think pulling Wisdom Teeth wouldn't be as bad as I'm told.

  11. I have had two root canals, and getting my wisdom teeth pulled was a walk in the park compared to them.

    My mouth only hurt for about 3 days, and I didn't even use the painkillers they gave me. There are still holes in my mouth though, and food gets stuck in them sometimes which can be annoying. Just wash your mouth with salt water a couple times a day, and you'll be fine.

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