Hey Whats up I havent smoked in 10 months

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    Hi. Im new to grasscity! I speak four languages; English, Farsi, French and Arabic. My hobbies include drawing and traveling. I've been to a bunch of countries. I lived in Egypt when I was going through high school. The reason why I didnt smoke or do anything was because I was going to the Air Force but that fell through recently cause its taking too long so now Im going back to college! 
    I live near chicago! Hit me up! I have....no friends!

  2. This is either an FBI person trying to look for people to join ISIS, or a DEA Agent holding up a sting in chicago...

    I'm not paranoid... I'm just.. on to you.
  3. Welcome to Grasscity! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Thankyou, thankyou very much!
  5. Just because he speaks Farsi and Arabic?


  6. I speak Farsi and Arabic but im no pig
    That's what someone who was a pig would say.
  8. That's a hell of a way to welcome someone into GC.,Why you fools think that the FBI would fuck with us stoners when it comes to joining ISIS? The FBI and DEA have bigger fish to fry. They don't waste thier time on GC. 12 year olds mixing tobacco and weed and filling thier bongs with vodka. Not much intelligent life here....
  9. Fair enough
  10. Hi! Welcome to GC! Where have you traveled?
    Whereabouts in chicago, too? :hello:
  11. Nonsense, friend. This place is the epitome of intelligent life!
    In all seriousness, I think that guy was just joking. 

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