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  1. Hello all!

    I type too much so I apologize in advance.

    This is my first post and my first grow! I have a few questions and I am curious to see how they are answered. I feel that my grow box is pretty over the top for a first grow but thats how i live. I have used the summer to grow some tomato plants and to also read 5 books on growing our favorite plant. Ive learned a lot; maybe too much. I used the tomato plants to learn signs of stress, how to stress, how to clone the plants, how to kill the plants lol- topsy turvy? what? LOL I had a tomato sandwich for dinner. yay me and havent died yet...

    I have created this grow box and went balls out building it since I seem to always take DIY to the extreme. I am able to control the environment in the box extremely well. I have data logged temp and humidity of my setup every minute over a few weeks and I am able to keep temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees easily (data logger= lascar El-USB-2). The cool part is that my box is in the attic (in Georgia) and will stay in the low 70s when the attic temps are 130* and 55* at night! yes, ive lost about 20lbs sweating my ass off in the attic while tinkering. I have timers setup for lighting, ventilation, and CO2 delivery that operate in harmony surprisingly well.

    I have everything i need right now except for the lighting. I over analyze stuff too much. This is where you come in. Thank you BTW.

    1) What lighting should I use for a space 48" long, 18" wide and 30" high ?
    I was thinking two 150 watt HPS lights (sun systems), glass shielded, cooled via two 4" duct fans on each end. I could also add CFL on the sides and bottom if it would help. I would spread the HPS lights equally over the the floor (6 sq/ft). The air temp going into the light cooling duct is 78* and then vents back into the return system of the Main AC unit of my house.

    2) I want to keep my grow simple. What are your thoughts on keeping the 150 watt HPS lamps on running 20/4 constantly? I would use fem. auto flowering plants and that would allow me to grow plants and also able to clone to get a jump start on the next crops harvest date. Basically I would like to have 1 grow box that will let me veg, flower, and clone different plants at the same time. I have a small grow box designed for seedlings/clones that Id use before clones go into HPS light. Sure, I could build another box half the floor space for veg w/ 175 watt MH light but that is just getting crazy :)

    3) What strains would you recommend for this box size? Im looking at something small but im just curious what you think. I was thinking of just grabbing ~10 easy ryders or something and call it a day. Im sure Ill kill some but who knows. Deep down inside I am saying, I want something very purple because I think it looks so awesome... ;)

    4) How many plants would YOU grow in this space? Im not looking to harvest 12 pounds of tomatoes off a 1 foot plant. I just want enough for me to have 7-10 grams a week or so.
    4a) Id like to keep the dirt height as low as possible to increase available growing height with my 30" ceiling. What are your thoughts on pot size and dirt height?

    Alright, alright, im finished

    Im going outside to do the damn thing and then go to sleep. :smoke:
  2. Check out my grow I've got a really similar space.

    I used 315w CFL bank from stealth hydro. Temps vary around 75-82 but I have my AC vent blowing toward the intake. My girls look good its a lot of watts but they are doing the job. I couldnt be bothered trying to get a HPS rigged up

    20/4 is pretty good I have no idea about autos I dont grow em but from what I've read 4 or 5 autos would probably fit in that space but I could be totally fucking wrong
  3. cool man- very different setup from me and not too different from me :D Ive only got 2 feet of plant height max. I guess I could turn the box up right and have a 18"x30" floor with a 4 foot height...... Hmm I could probably do 2 taller plants there or 4 shorty plants in my original design.

    Either that or take the top off my box and add 12 inches for some more height....

    I feel like I have my plan and mind made up- I just wanted for people here to shoot me down and tell me what really to do. LOL
  4. Depending on the strain of plant you put in there your going to want the verticle space

    I like your new plan.

    If you build it they will grow
  5. After looking at possibilities of adding height to my setup, I dont think that is going to be possible.

    I know i need a deeper pot rather than a shallow, wider pot but other than changing that, Im stuck with 30 inches of height for pot and plant together.

    do you think with my space that two 150watt hps lights overhead would be the best choice? I thought about one 250 watt HPS or a 400 watt hps. I figured 2 smaller lights spaced out evenly over the top of the grow would be better that one bigger light in the middle.

    What strains would you choose for this setup?

    thanks for the help!
  6. I'd honestly give what ever you grow like 3 weeks of veg from seed. You can totally grow with 30" of height 10 for the pot 10 for veg (ScrOG if possible) and 10 for flower. Also you could use a big tub and do DWC which would allow you to low height without getting root bound
  7. I think that two 150 watters would be a great choice for this box. Your space is too long and narrow for a single larger light in my opinion.

    Also, keep in mind that you can't clone autos.

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