hey what up, just got on yesterday

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mauiwowie, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. hey everybody. what up? im justine (mauiwowie haha) and i been smokin since the 7th grade and haven't stopped since. somebody asked me the other day if i actually liked smoking and i told em: i fuckin love it. wouldn't give it up in exchange for the world in a ziplock baggie. it's 4/18 today, and i'm just waitin for saturday so i can try out "Don Bong's Mind Melting Chocolate Chip Cookies". I hated blowing all my money on an o today, when i could've just gotten half of that and smoked it normal, but whatever. hope it's worth it. gimme a holler: ilovemikeyscar@hotmail.com see ya all around. hey let's have one giant smoke out some time. i'll offer up my house... oh no wait.. haha, i live with my parents. cause shhh, don't tell, but i'm a freshman. and not in college... haha... good ol catholic highschooling. really straitens kids like me out. oh no wait... no it dont
  2. haha good on bro!
    mawiwowwie...needless to say, i am sure u have seen half baked!! the don movie huh!?!?!?!
    anyway welcome bro
  3. haha thanks bro, but i aint a bro. as stoned as a girl my age could possibly be without being hospitalized, 24/7.

    yeah, i been half-baked more than enough times...

    "...i got an idea, iiiiii could pretend to be jamaican!"

    "you done gone and smoked urself retarded!"
  4. shiit...sorry, no disrespect intended by 'upgrading' u to a bro...shiiiiittt...
    anyway...'if i am not back in 30 mins, call the police' heheh
    man, if there was anything good that i learnt from that movie is that muchines have to be provided in turns...before that movie it wa always me doing all the purchasing...now firends gotta help out, god damn it!
  5. HIGH!!!

    YUP, I Am!!!! Nice to "meet" ya!! :wave: :hippie: :smoking:
  6. haha hey what up...

    dude yah, i so agree. i'm always the one with the money, and i totally supply the food
  7. hey gusys i am just chiilling i need some help i need some thing to do so that i dount get in troble what can i do to get clean piss tests

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