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    Im new... I decided to join since everytime I Google things I end up here.

    So yeah.. Hey im Lexi

    Oh and this is me:

  2. Welcome to the city :smoke:
  3. Hi Lexi !!!
  4. Thanks and hey!
  5. lolololol.


    wut. More pics or not real.

  6. hahahahahah, I call SHENNANIGANS too :rolleyes:
  7. ??? im confused

  8. In order for us to believe you are truly a Blown Out Barbie as you say in your picture, we require more pictures...

  9. Oh I see. I sent you a PM. Should clarify :D

  10. Well, That PM was very clarifying. Thank You.

    Hey GC, this chick is real, chill and hot. CONFIRMED!
  11. Haha you are welcome.

    Thanks for confirming haha. Nice to meet you all!

  12. How did you end up on GC?
  13. Uhm well basically... I am constantly googling stuff in reference to my recreational activities and this site always seems to have the most helpful things and after about the 100th visit here I decided to sign up and join in :)

  14. Sweet :cool: so do you blaze a lot?
  15. take a picture and hold up a sign that says "grasscity"

    thanks :wave:

  16. I have already proved to one person that I am real and she verified it for the rest of you... see above

  17. Not a 'lot' in comparison to many people but I do it often... to be honest I use a bit more stronger things and I have an undying love for pills
  18. Oh ok, cool. Protip, nothing besides cannibis can be discussed on here or the mods like Wild will and the bunch will ride your ass.
  19. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it clean. Im just here to make friends :)

    Now that that is out of the way I want ice cream and pretzels :)

  20. What flavor? Pretzels taste like ass to me lol to each his own :smoke:

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