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Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone..........God it has been so long to say the least. But I have not forgot about any of you all!!! My life has fallen apart to say the very least. My nursing license has been suspended and I have lost my home at this time but it's all good. I went to court last week and they said I would probably get probation. They wanted me to rat but I'd go to jail first.

    I have been pill free for 9 weeks now so I'm doing better. I still smoke my herb and I've been smoking for all of you as well!!!!!!! I miss each of you and I should be on here more often (if the pot god so blesses me to!!!!!!!!!!).

    I hope all of you all are well and I'll keep you posted more often!!!!!! May the pot god bless each and everyone of you!!!!!! Peace and love to you!!!!!!!!
  2. good to see you back.....sorry about the past, but nothing can change that....all you can do is look to the future and that is only what you want to make it.....*lights up a bowl for you*.......Peace out.......Sid
  3. Thanks for the bowl Sid..........and yes, I'm back because this is by far my home away from home. And I smoke this blunt for you hun!!!!!! And you are right.........the past is the past and my future shall be bright (or so I hope).........I'm keeping the faith!!!!!!!!
  4. Welcome home Flowerchild. I am glad to see you have made it back to the city. I have been worried about you..

    I hope things are better now!

    Awright kiddo, you've hit the bottom and rebounded nicely, it's all up from here!

    Glad things are turning around for ya and come see us when ya can!
  6. WOOHOO!!!



    forgive me smokie

    *takes off pants and runs through thread!!!!!*

    its only fitting in this situation:p
  7. We've been worried about you!!!

    I am SOOOOO fucking glad you are back at home. Indiana Toker just came back, too. It's about time you checked in!!!

    I hate your shit that your going through but I am so happy that you are ok!!!!!

    Love ya, flowerchild!!!!

  8. 'Tis indeed, but just this once! Can't find my pellet gun anyhow.
  9. I hate that I can't check in as usual as I used to but its good to know that I have all this good karma from my buds here at the city!!!! Maybe thats why things are looking up....because I have all this positive love and energy coming from all different parts!!!!

    And I've been pill free going on almost 3 months. I just have to stay this way but I'm bound and determined to this time. So here is a bowl for all of you here at the city that I adore so much!!!!!!!!

    Peace and love to each and everyone of you!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. It's great to see ya even if only a bit here and there.

    I'm glad you are holding on and doing well..

    Keep us informed on your progress..

    we love ya!!

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