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Hey, this nug is dense or normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tartooth, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. hey guys, not to sure about this one
    this apparently is a quarter ounce, (7g)

    does this one look normal, its kinda sticky

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  2. It looks pretty dense but I'm not thinking seven grams... More like four.
  3. We cant tell if its dense through a picture lmao.. just feel it and if its hard then its dense, if its soft it is fluffy.. definitely not 7gs though
  4. Yea it's dense for sure but there's no Way that's 7g
  5. Not even close to 7g's. A better pic would help also. Maybe next to a soda can or something?
  6. This picture does not provide enough visual evidence for me to give an accurate, helpful answer. Based off why I can see, it does not look like 7gs.
  7. There is no way it is 7 grams, however it does look good, from what I can see.
  8. Looks dense but not 7 g's. Looks more like 5
  9. i love those bed sheets man.
    fuckin clouds, cant get better than that.
  10. i love llooking at pictures that arent focused on the object. feels like you're trying to look at it in a sneaky way.
  11. As has been stated it's impossible to tell the density of a nug through a picture. If you have a scale I would check that, if you got that sold to you as 7g's you no doubt got jipped.
  12. sry its from my webcam, its soft and sticky, but very wet feeling, but its not like a "fresh wet plant" kind of wet, i've felt that already
  13. Nah definitely not a quarter. You'd be lucky if that was an eighth... sorry man. Plus if its wet you're losing weight
  14. and ps- he weighed it out for me, it was 7g :)
  15. I'm calling something like 6 grams on that puppy. Looks like some "sponge" bud, dense as fuck probably.

    Enjoy the smoke OP
  16. its pretty potent, i busted up a tiny nug, about the size of my fingernail, and i got 2 small bowls out of it, and i get a good high for like 15-20 min
  17. Either his scale's fucked or you're full of shit...

  18. if i do that with the weed i have, thts been sitting in my jar for over a month, id be high for like 2 or 3 hours.
    what you have sounds like some good mids.
  19. you get a good high for 15-20 minutes? hahaha sucks for you bro
  20. nah no way its 6 judging by the box of blunts its sitting on 3 maybe 4 grams

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