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Discussion in 'General' started by dmb1357, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. haha helloe eveeryone, just wanted to see if anyone in this city is from a diferent city called mobile, if anyone is thatd be awesome and if not tis cool because i like to hear about other people from other places. I just got back from a ski trip to winter park,colorado and i met some smokers there who were awesome and we smoked on the summit and skiid down. so if anyone if from wonter park, coloroado or Mobile, alabama let me know cause im so f'd up and we could cary on a convorsation for hours. sorry im rambling. i forgot what this thread was about

  2. l,am a southerner,they calls us mexicians we are that far south ,lol.

    Victoria in the great land of oz ..

    l guess ya,all meant south as in americian ,lol.

    Yeah we got a few of them here ,lol.:D

    lol,we got one that keeps complaining about them yankies with their feet hanging out the window as they drive by ,lol,damn yankies ..j/k.rotflmao.
  3. I'm about an hour and a half from mobile.. I'm more to the north..

    In the mid south here!!!!!!!
  4. I'm like two minutes away from the Mexican border. If I go outside I can see buildings and a shitload of lights that are in TJ.
  5. hey bud head, were both talking about mobile alabama right?

  6. Yes! I am actually a little further from there than I posted earlier...

    I am about 45 minutes from the tn-alabama line!
  7. cool so anywhere near b'ham, mentone
  8. i am from pascagoula, ms. its about 25 minutes west of mobile. let me know if anyone is close by. i love to smoke and i love to share my smoke.

  9. Mobile Alabama?

    Sorry I love that video though.

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