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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. How come you don't say hi more often man. Time was in the old days you'd get involved in more of our foolish conversations and dammit I liked your input. Meh- you're probably just too busy doing shit like looking after the shop... fair one.
    later man
  2. he still posts in the news section every now and then.

    i thought i read somewhere that the shop was having some technical troubles, so hes probably busy with that, or...

    he acually has a life to go to (unlike me, and i assume alot of other blades:D)

  3. Guys I'm here everyday, enjoying everything you do, not one morning I wake up without checking the forums and see how you all misbehaved during my nights of sleep (70% of posting is when i'm in the deepest REM state ;-) ) .

    Anyways I have been realy busy and still am with the new language sections of the shop and the new seedbank site with will launch in a couple of weeks (which I'm saying for almost a year now) but everything takes longer, more money and more problems than imagined.

    Anyways my heart and soul are still here, we have grown very much the last year hard to stay on top of things 24/7, the mods are doing incredible work, it's more there credit than mine that this place exists.

    So that is a little update on the SJ site, next week I'll be gone for over a week, taking a brake in the sun, you won't believe how much I'm looking forward to it. Sipping on a cocktail with the misses, eating some fine meals with a good wine; well you get the picture.

    Bottom line, I'm here and I'm not leaving ;-)

    Peace and thanks for your concerns about my well being!


    your humble webmaster

  4. Oooo..really?

    Glad to see you're still around, SJ. You sure do deserve that vacation, though :D

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