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hey smokin!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. whats the difference between SOONERS fans, and a litter of puppies?

    eventually the puppies grow up and stop whining!
  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooo.... he got you. But how about this one: Q: What happens when Nubbin shoots up heroine?
    A: He gets Numb-in!

  3. That one was pretty good, Norm!!!!!
  4. Norm is on the rise!!! good one norm!
  5. What's the difference between a Sooner and Razorback?

    Sooner's have the shit on the OUTSIDE of their boots.

    Why does Normy have shit all over his nose?

    Lookin for love in all the wrong places.
  6. not bad got a lil laugh outa me
  7. What do Oklahoma grads and tornadoes have in common?

    They both move around a lot, but eventually they all wind up in trailer parks.

    hhaaha..btw..i was on my way home the other night..and the moon was blood red, i had to bust out laughin, thinkin of you outside throwin rocks and sticks at it til it changed back, lmao
  8. Oooooohhhh, another good one for Norm!!! I think that puts him in the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I know Smokie doesn't need my help, BUT I can't help myself.

    Why do the razorbacks run soo good??

    Because they have to catch the horses they have sex with!!!!!

    The brown nose joke was good on Smokies part.
    Another reason he has a brown nose.

    sometimes the horses buck while he is trying to get his pecker in causing the horses butt to rub his nose!
    Just for fun Namron! Trying to help my Oklahoma buddy! He really doesn't need my help though!!!!!
  10. lmao, i know i know....itd be nice if i could get some help from my SEC BUDDIES out there!!....

    An OU player and an OU fan were walkin in the woods, when they came upon some strange tracks, the OU player insisted that it was a set of deer tracks, the OU fan said that it was very clearly rabbit tracks, they were still arguing when the train hit them.
  11. Ya wanna know what's the shits about all of this? I know a lot of good Sooner jokes 'cause I'm really not all that big of a Sooners fan! But,......let's see........who else in my home state can I be rooting for? Ummmmm........Tulsa? Yeah, riiiight. Or Okla St.? I'd like to see the OSU Cowboys do some damage but I don't think that's gonna happen in my lifetime. So I have to go with the Sooners, and I get the feeling they're gonna piss me off really bad somewhere on down the road this season. Aw well, at least I can go back to hating them again!

    To top it off the KC Chiefs offense disappeared during the 2nd qtr. today, they were still looking for them as I'm writing this. That was e'nuff to piss me off. But the defense held off Jacksonville just long e'nuff for me to waste 3 hrs. watchin that shit!

    And to top that off, I'd like to thank Budhead's freekin Titans for lettin the damn Cowboys take one from them. Now I gotta listen to all the Dallas fans around here talkin their shit this week. They annoy me almost as much as Jeff Gordon fans!

    So I did'nt even see how da' Hogs did this weekend. Did you get to play some tomato can of a team too?

    I'd come back at you with some kinda of slander, but it's late, could'nt sleep 'cause some drunk just came by and creamed a bridge just down the road, and gave everybody in the county who has some kind of flashing light on their vehicle an excuse to drive out here and turn it on.

    So I'm gonna go burn one and go back to bed.

    Maybe my mom will let me come and play with y'all tomorrow.

  12. just ribbin ya...anyway, have a goodun!
  13. just ribbin ya...anyway, have a goodun!

    EDIT: yes a tomato can of a team....South Florida...but..they creamed em, so quality of win is good there.
  14. While watching the Georgia Bulldogs play the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday, I realiazed why the SEC conferance is better than all the others.

    Why? you may ask.

    Because where else are you going to see the camera pan down the sidelines , looking at all those nice looking South Carolina cheerleaders, and each one of them say:

    "Let's Go Cocks!"

    'Go get'em Cocks"

    "C'mon Cocks, let's Go!"

    "Go Cocks Go"

    *these are actual quotes I heard*
  15. LMMFAO!!!!!

    You are too funny, Poppa!!!! I was watching some of the game and made the comment that it would be funny screaming "GOOOOOO COCKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!"


    .......on Nov. 2, while I scream "GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!", I'll also be screaming...."FUCK THE COCKS!!!!!!" Now, that'll be FUN!!!!!!!!!
  16. Smokie the Titans sit in the locker room tewlling the news people that they know how they screwed up and what they are going to have to do. I get so sick of them telling that everytime.

    Another thing that bothers me about the Titans is...............
    Stupid fuckers............... and mother fookers.................

    They will have more penalties in 5 games than any other team will have all year!!!!!!!!!!! them stupid fookers!!!!!!!

    I didn't get to see last weekends game but me and a couple of buddies listened to it on the radio. I won a bet on the titans. I made a bet that they would have a least three times more penalties that the cowboys. Needless to say it happened!

    You know you are watching the tit...ans play when you have a penalty in the first play of the game!!!!!!!them stupid fookers!!!

    At least they don't have kick it away DelGreko the bastard.

    Now i'll have to go smoke a quarter just to calm down!!!!!!!!

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